Benefits Of Responsive Web Design To Small Businesses

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The concept of responsive website design has changed the web design game drastically. It is simply an approach to designing flexible web pages that makes sites and images look good on all devices, screen sizes, and orientations. This improves user experience and satisfaction. Traditionally, users of mobile devices will be re-directed to device-specific sites to access some website content, however, the advent of responsive website design has changed the narrative.

Regardless of whatever industry you work in, your potential clients, like them a good website, a website they can get as much information as they can about your business without having to place a call through. They only contact you when they are sure they want to do business with you. This is one reason why you need to ‘up’ your website game.

The 7 top benefits of responsive website design for small businesses

Increased customer reach and conversion rates

Having a responsive website means your website is readily accessible across any device; from a mobile device to a laptop, visitors to your website have a great experience surfing through, which increases the time spent on your website. This translates to greater interaction on your site and increases the chances of customer conversion, in other words, it improves sales.

Improved SEO

Having a responsive website improves the ranking and visibility of your business in search engines. This influences the SEO of your website even as much as quality content does. This is why it is important that a professional website design agency handles web design for your small business.

Faster web page loading speed

Another benefit of a responsive website which augments the previous point is that it has an awesome loading speed on different devices. This plays a great role in improving your website positioning for search engine ranking. At Alkhemical Creations, we specialize in creating super fast responsive websites for small businesses.

Improves site traffic

A responsive website keeps visitors to the website engaged to lower your bounce rate and also drives more traffic to your website. The time a visitor to your website spends is also increased because a responsive website keeps them glued and increases their attention span.

Saves you time and money

Creating a single version of your website that renders excellently on both mobile devices and bigger screens is more cost-effective than creating two different versions for different screen resolutions. This saves you time and money as it will take considerably less time to create one website than two different versions. It also saves time and money on website management. Alkhemical Creations is that one-stop website design agency that helps you create aesthetically pleasing, responsive websites for your small business without having to break the bank.

Improves user experience

If a visitor to your page has to do a lot of screen resizing, zooming in and out and screen pinching just to properly access the content on your page, they will most likely leave your site out of frustration and move to another website. Therefore, your website must give the users a great experience at every point in time.

Simplifies analytics reporting

A responsive website makes it easier to keep track of your customer reach and website interaction, compared to managing multiple website versions. Site analytic tools like Google Analytics are now optimized to handle multiple devices analysis, this ensures that your tracking and analytics are brought together into a single report.


Weighing side by side the many benefits a responsive website has for your growing business, we hope that you do not waste any more time in taking one of the best decisions for your business.  If in search of a professional website design agency in Indianapolis to handle the design of a responsive website for your business, do not hesitate to reach out to Alkhemical Creations. We can help your small business grow in leaps and bounds as a result of leads from your website.

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