Best 8 Ball Jackets of 90’s – The Great Vintage Fashion

Best 8 Ball Jackets of 90's - The Great Vintage Fashion

We all know that 8 Ball Jackets were first introduced in the mid-’90s by french designer Michael Hoban. Nevertheless, they came into the limelight a decade after skillful actors and impactful characters such as David Puddy started to endorse the outfit in their series and movies.

The people of this apparel captured the era, and many significant designs were produced. The forthcoming content will explain all must-to-be-known determinants about the 8-ball apparel of the 90s. So, stay tuned with us from the start till the end. Please have a look.

8 Ball Apparel Inspired By the 90th Century

We will discuss each piece of apparel one by one so that you don’t miss even a single feature of any 8 Ball Jacket Men or Women’s product. Please read carefully

1. 8 Ball David Puddy Black Leather Bomber Jacket

The first shoutout goes to this fantastic and captivating clothing piece known as the 8 Ball David Puddy Black Leather Bomber Jacket. Being crafted from 100 percent pure black leather, this outfit was created with the aim of granting black color with a timeless yet vintage edition.

The outer shell is made of premium material synthetic leather. Please note that the leather is passed through specific processes to make sure you get no animal bacteria or rashes on your skin. Plus, it lasts for a long time.

You will find a simple-to-carry yet elegant look when talking about visual appeal. The base color is kept jet black with a slight hint of white. The white color can noticeably be seen on both sleeves in the form of a circle under which the traditional logo of 8 is written. Please note that, unlike other 8 Ball Apparel, the 8 logos in this jacket is written wits to help you avoid even the slightest wastage of time. The pockets are also attached for maximum red color instead of black. The closure is kept in the center, which utilizes superior-quality zipper functionality.

How to Dress

Dressing up with an 8 Ball David Puddy Black Leather Bomber Jacket is one of the most straightforward tasks to get done with. The secret to success lies in this clothing piece’s simplicity which blends well with almost anything you have in your closet.

2. 8 Ball Blue Leather Hooded Jacket

Want to embrace the same one-on-one look without getting yourself in that black color? Do not worry, as the stunning and captivating 8 Ball Blue Leather Hooded Jacket is here to help. Like the jacket mentioned, this outfit is also designed in one solid base color. Yet there are some little changes you need to consider. For instance, the 8 logos are written with black inside a white circle instead of red.

How to Dress

Dressing up with an 8 Ball Blue Leather Hooded Jacket is not a difficult task at all. Although you can create a wide range of looks with this beautiful apparel, we suggest keeping it simple. That means you can pair the jacket with any rough brown or beige-colored jeans you have in your closet. Put on those mountain shoes you always wanted to wear, and that is it; you are all ready to set out.

3. Men’s 8 Ball Bomber Jacket (Multicolor Genuine Leather)

Bright and vibrant colors heavily influenced the 90’s pop culture. They were referred to as a way to bring out the happiness from within to display in front of the world. Made out of premium quality leather, this jacket obtains a thick viscose lining inside to help you keep your body all cozy and warm even in an icy climate. Other significant features include the tightly knitted rib cuffs with hems, two waist pockets, and two pockets inside. The premium stitching ensures all the things remain in their place for longer. The looks are spectacular, with multiple colors used as the central theme. For instance, the center is colored bright red to orange, whereas the sleeves are dyed bright yellow, the sides of pockets are khaki green, and lastly, the traditional logo of 8 is written on both the sleeves and on the back with white color under a black circle.

How to Wear

Endorsing this outfit may be trickier for people unknown to the fashion world. But the key is keeping it simple. We suggest pairing the jacket with plain pants and simple white sneakers for maximum attention.


On the bottom line, an 8 Ball Jacket is one of the significant aspects of the men’s fashion world. The same is why we have formed the above guide containing 3 significant 8 Ball Clothing Pieces. All the jackets have unique traits to consider. Plus, the premium look ensures you stand out from the competition without hassle. So choose apparel that matches your sense of dressing.


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