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If you’re looking for a cheap monthly hosting service, Cloudhebat is the best choice. They offer the fastest server, most complete features and free SSL forever!

Its cheapest plan costs just $2.36/mo, a great deal considering it includes domains, SSL, email accounts and cPanel control panel. It also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Fastest Server

Cloudhebat is a very popular web hosting provider that offers the fastest server available on the market. Their servers can be accessed from over 42 countries and are able to handle thousands of websites at once while using minimal resources.

The servers that are available on Cloudhebat have a great reputation for performance and are backed by an outstanding customer support team. Their prices start from 10 thousand / month and they include a free domain, 100GB SSD storage, unlimited emails, and bandwidth.

They also have a free SSL certificate and are one of the fastest companies to support in the industry. The company is committed to making their customers happy and they have an excellent support team who are available around the clock. In addition to this, they offer a 30-day money back guarantee and a 100% satisfaction guaranteed policy.

Free SSL Forever

SSL is a technology that encrypts data between a user and your server, keeping it safe from hackers. In addition, it helps to make your website look more legitimate to visitors. This is why many websites are now using HTTPS on their pages, which can increase customer trust and improve SEO rankings.

A free SSL certificate is a great way to get your site secure and protect your customers’ information. However, the problem is that cybercriminals have abused these certificates by creating malicious sub-domains to direct traffic to malware sites.

If you want to protect your site from this attack, you need to find a hosting provider that offers free SSL certificates. Luckily, there are a number of options available for you to choose from.

One of the most popular options is Bluehost, which includes a free SSL certificate with their hosting plans. They also offer a free domain name for the first year, which makes them a good choice for newbies looking to get their website up and running quickly.

Another option is Cloudflare, which provides free SSL and a content delivery network (CDN) to improve your site performance. They also offer a free Wildcard certificate that allows you to secure multiple domains and subdomains with one SSL certificate.

Cloudflare is a great free alternative to traditional SSL and offers all the security benefits of a domain-validated certificate. It can be used in combination with other free alternatives to provide a complete SSL solution.

HostGator is another popular hosting provider that offers unlimited bandwidth, disk space and email accounts on their basic plan. They also feature cPanel, which is a user-friendly control panel that lets you manage all of your site’s technical details.

Easy To Use

Whether you’re looking for the best budget hosting or something that’s a little more advanced, you can rest assured that there’s a provider out there with a plan to suit your needs. Some of the cheapest plans on this list can even come with a free domain name, which is a great way to start your journey into the world of online business.

As with any website, you want a host that is reliable and offers a good amount of features for your money. It’s also important to check out the uptime guarantee. You don’t want a host that doesn’t guarantee uptime, as that could mean your site is down all the time and hurt your search engine rankings or sales.

When choosing a host, look for one that offers a comprehensive hosting package including a variety of features such as one-click software installation, cPanel administration, email accounts and storage space. This will ensure that you get the most out of your monthly subscription and avoid overpaying for extras.

The best cheap hosting services are ones that have an intuitive interface and allow you to quickly set up your website. They should also be easy to navigate and offer customer support that is responsive.

Founded in 2002, HostGator is a well-known brand that helps hundreds of thousands of beginners and small businesses launch their websites on a budget. They’ve made it their mission to provide quality technical support to help their customers overcome the hiccups that arise as they get started with their websites. It’s no wonder that HostGator has become a major player in the affordable shared hosting plans market. You can find their best rated plans for less than $10 a month, and you’ll be able to pick a host that’s right for your needs from the moment you land on their site.


Typically, web hosts have hundreds of accounts running on their shared servers, each of which has access to a portion of the server’s resources. If one account begins to use excessive resources, this can negatively impact the performance of other customers on that server. Using Cloudlinux, HostPapa system administrators can monitor CPU and disk usage for excessive use to help identify abusive accounts and take action before they cause any issues.

Cloudlinux is a Linux distribution that’s optimized for shared hosting environments and is compatible with cPanel and WHM interfaces. It also allows hosting administrators to manage a variety of server resources with ease, including RAM, CPU, and disk usage.

One of the most important benefits of Cloudlinux is its ability to maximize PHPHardened, ensuring that all versions of PHP are still supported. This ensures that all customers on your server are able to enjoy the best possible experience with their websites, email services and other applications.

It also guards against attempts to hack symbolic links, which are an easy way for hackers to gain access to your server. Symlinks allow an attacker to create a link from their user account directory to the root of the shared server directory, which can be used to gain unauthorized access to files within that folder.

Another benefit of Cloudlinux is its LVE (Lightweight Virtual Environment) technology, which allows cPanel users to isolate their accounts into their own unique virtual environments. This helps to improve the stability of the entire server, as well as allowing admins to limit resource usage for each cPanel account.

LVE is a kernel module that isolates each cPanel account with a distinct set of resources such as memory and CPU. This prevents a single account from using up all the available resources, which can cause downtime for other accounts on the server.


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