Best Dubai Desert Safari Locations

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Found generally on the city’s edges, the brilliant sands of Dubai offer a one-of-a-kind experience of Desert Safari. With your tickets, including return moves, driving to these locales is the last thing you ought to ponder. Here is a rundown of the most famous spots in Dubai known for their Desert Safari encounters.

Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

Shaping around 5% of the emirate of Dubai, Dubai Desert safari Conservation Reserve is UAE’s most memorable public park, going about as a safeguarded climate for Dubai’s desert unsettled areas. It is renowned for its conservation projects, protecting the imperiled greenery of the desert. 

It works to save and keep up with the desert environment and draws in sightseers with different exercises it brings to the table. Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve is famous for its activities like camel journey, falconry, horse riding, arrow-based weaponry, and other Desert Safari exercises, including sandboarding and rises driving.

Al Awir Desert

Al Awir Desert safari is around 35 kilometers from Dubai’s downtown area. It is known for being the center of camel reproduction and horticulture. Al Awir Desert is an ideal place for ridge slamming and quad trekking. 

It draws in loads of travelers to encounter the particular scope of exercises it offers, including desert safari and experience sports. It is one of the most famous areas for Desert Safari in Dubai, and it encounters heaps of footfall during the end of the week for such exercises.


The Bidayer is a sand hill that stretches across the desert and is ideally suited for a road trip. It’s otherwise called the ‘Enormous Red’ due to its earthenware red tone, which makes it simple to recognize against the changing sand colors on a generally yellow-shaded scene during the night.

Liwa Desert

Situated close to the Rub Al Khali, the Liwa Desert safari, called ‘The Empty Quarter,’ is a tremendous desert region known for its high heels and outrageous weather patterns. The most elevated sand ridges in UAE can be all viewed here, with a lot to do and investigate close by. 

The region is known for its rich history, and it has occasioned, for example, social celebrations similar to the drawn-out Liwa celebration. Vacationers can partake in testing races or unwind at one hundred fifty different desert towns through this boundless expanse where culture flourishes.

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