Best Free Currency Converter API: Currency Converter API Python

Best Free Currency Converter API: Currency Converter API Python
Best Free Currency Converter API: Currency Converter API Python Image Source: Ashutosh Kukreti

If you are indulged in currency trading, or interested in creating something related to the same, the currency converter API will delight you. What is a currency converter API? To understand this, it is necessary to comprehend currency. Currency forms the foundation of financing and trading. Organizations, especially the ones working with international markets, need to have a hold of continuous accurate currency-related information. 

About Currency Converter API Python

A currency exchange API comprises numerous technologies that help the audience stay updated with the contemporary rates and help convert or exchange them to other currencies. The currency converter API python can be regarded as one of the best programming languages for retrieving forex trading information. 

Be it the best free currency converter API or the paid one, the Python-programmed ones offer convenience, authenticity, and precision. It is therefore significant for both personal and professional use. Acquiring the exchange rates incorporating the python currency converter is as swift as making GET requests. Integration of the API with python can be easily implemented on any project. 

Currency Converter API Python
Currency Converter API Python

Top 3 Currency Converter API Python

To flourishingly develop programs, it is essential to incorporate currency APIs for perfectly recovering forex data for use in the programs. The following are the currency converter API python available online.


Topping the list, is often regarded as the best free currency converter API. Python developers are often witnessed using this currency converter API while working with forex data. This means, it is quite famous among forex traders, entrepreneurs working with the international markets, business people gaining insights about world finance, and so on. 

This one has diverse API endpoints which are utilized relying on the plans that are opted by a user subscriber. The endpoints are as follows:

  • Recent Rates Endpoint: This is used for recovering the real-time data exchange rate information 
  • Convert Endpoint: This is used for the transformation of any amount shifting from one currency to the other
  • Historical Rates Endpoint: This is utilized for rescuing the historical exchange rate data
  • Time-Series Data Endpoint: To recover regular historical exchange rate data between to particular dates this endpoint is used 
  • Fluctuation Data Endpoint: For rescuing fluctuation data between two particular dates, this endpoint is utilized

Furthermore, there are four plans offered by

  1. The Free Plan: This includes 100 requests per month alongside a lifetime free-of-cost offer. There is no compulsion for credit card usage. 
  2. Starter Plan: This is priced at $14.99 per month and offers 10, 000 requests monthly. Additionally, it offers a standard backing, 170 world currencies, currency conversion, and authentic sources. 
  3. Pro Plan: This plan is priced at $49. 99 and mostly similar to the previous plan with only one difference – it offers 100,000 requests monthly. 
  4. Enterprise Plan: This one is priced at $99.99 and also similar to the previous plan with the only difference in the count of monthly requests, which is 500, 000.  


 This one is another popular currency converter that is often considered a reliable one. This is used for retrieving Forex data using Python. This one is a swift and user-friendly API offering JSON output. This is created by developers for developers. The users will be elated to notice detailed documentation of how to access it with the help of diverse programming languages that includes Python. Therefore, it is quite valuable among beginners. 

This API has a contrasting feature, and that is its single endpoint, namely markets. Therefore, the audience will feel less intimidated while working with this endpoint. 

The pricing plans of this API are as follows:

  1. Starter (7 days free trial) Plan: This one is priced at $19 monthly. This includes 10, 000 API calls monthly. From offering real-time data to -100MS latency, and a 99.95% SLA guarantee, to be an exchange rate REST API, this API has quite some features. Furthermore, it offers 1800+ forex pairs, 300+ cryptocurrencies, and bank-level 256-bit encryption.
  2. Premium Plan: This one is priced at $199 monthly. It includes 100, 000 API calls monthly. Though all the other features are more or less similar, this API offers historical data as well. 

3. ExchangeRate-API

This one offers 161 currencies along with over 10 years of superior uptime and support. This one is ideal for SaaS, Dashboards, and e-commerce. It is quite convenient to implement requiring only two lines of coding. JSON responses are available for stress-free integration. 

The pricing of this API includes the following:

  1. Free Plan: In this plan, the updates occur once a day. A total of 1.5k requests are offered monthly. 
  2. Pro Plan: This plan is priced at $10 monthly. The data is updated every 60 minutes and one can request 30, 000 APIs monthly. There is a high-availability structure, LT’s guarantee, email support, historical data, and premium data. 
  3. 100k API Requests: This one is similar to the Pro Plan with the only difference in the monthly request count. 

There are multiple currency converter API pythons available in the market. But, as a user, you must analyze the features and the pricing that it comes with. After a viable investigation, opt for the right one. 

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