Best Guide to Know How to Get Your Electricity Safety Certificate

Emergency Electricians Islington
Emergency Electricians Islington
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If you are a landlord, you would certainly know about gas safety certificates and why they are extremely important. This certificate is mandatory for each landlord, certifying that their gas-related appliances are secure to use. The certificate is renewed every year after a detailed inspection is carried out.

If you do not have a gas safety certificate, you can be heavily fined and legal authorities can take action against you as well. This is because the lack of this certification simply indicates that your appliances are not secure to use. Thus, before you come under the radar of legal authorities, it is best to contact an Emergency Electricians Islington engineers team and get the gas safety check done immediately.

Do I need a Electricity Safety Certificate?

If you have rented out an apartment or a complete property, owning a gas safety certificate is mandatory for you. There is no exception. A registered, licensed and experienced engineer will do it for you.

The engineer is responsible for inspecting all your appliances and sources to certify that your appliances are safe to use by the tenants. The certificate has two copies. One remains with you (landlord) and the other is handed over to the tenant, for their peace of mind and security.

Some people assume that if tenants won’t be using gas; they don’t have to get the test done. This is a false assumption. If you supply the slightest bit of gas to the property; a gas safety inspection is necessary for you. Your property requires a detailed check. Remember, if your property is rented out and you do not have a certificate; you can be fined largely, at any time.

When is a Electricity Safety Check Scheduled?

If you haven’t gotten a gas safety check done yet, then we recommend you to hire Emergency Electricians Islington services to get it done as soon as possible. The quicker the better. On the other hand, if you have a certificate but you are concerned about its renewal; then you can get it done after 10 months.

The certificate expires after one year. The inspection cannot take earlier than 10 months and you must not delay it until after the 12 months duration is completed. You can schedule your certificate renewal with the engineers that you have opted for previously. They will automatically notify you at the completion of 12 months.

Important Information on the Electricity Safety Record:

There is some piece of information that must be available on the gas safety record. You must check the record form twice to ensure that everything required is mentioned on it.

  • Each appliance’s description and location
  • The name, registration number, and signature of the engineer who carries out the safety check
  • The date of the safety check
  • The address of the property
  • The landlord’s name and signature
  • Safety defects that might have been discovered by the engineer and all the actions that were taken to fix them or have to be taken
  • Confirmation of the safety check results

The right engineer will know what needs to be mentioned on the record form. But it is equally important for you to double-check the form before receiving it.

Registered Electric Engineer

All electrical engineers are not certified to carry out gas safety checks. Therefore, while hiring an engineer, you must question them about their registration. Only a gas-safe registered engineer can and must carry out the inspection for you. Do not opt for unregistered engineers as gas safety inspections are extremely technical and only professionals can attend to them properly.

The Bottom Line

To keep your rental property, secure for the tenants and for yourself, it is important for you to regularly attend to the gas safety checks. Do not avoid or overlook them. Set a reminder for 12 months and get the inspection done again for certificate renewal.

As a landlord, you are legally obliged to have a gas safety certificate. We highly recommend Grove Bell Electrical for certificates and all types of Electrical Rewiring Services too.

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