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best paying jobs in precious metals

Everyone wants a good career that can provide him with a better future. You need to choose the right career option for a stable lifestyle. Most people spend about one-third of their life working. To keep the working life managed, you must carefully choose your career or job. Earlier, career options were limited, so people easily choose, depending on their educational background and skills. But today, there are hundreds of career options that make it more challenging to pick the correct one. On the other hand, more career options provide new opportunities. All jobs are good if you have the skill set. 

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Top career options for 2023

Jewelry designing

Who doesn’t like precious metals like platinum, gold, silver, palladium, etc? Metalwork is one of the highly regarded and respected industries. There are various career options in metalwork like antique restoration, mining, furniture production, blacksmithing, etc. Among these careers related to jewelry are the best paying jobs in precious metals. Jewelry designers create beautiful jewelry from metals like gold, silver and platinum, and precious stones. This is one job where you need good practice, an innovative mind along with skills. Top jewelry designers have more income than any other similar profession.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 

In technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning are the most demanding career options. Certain reports show that these jobs are offering good growth rates with handsome salaries. AI specialists work to develop systems that can process all the provided data like humans to provide intelligent decisions. Some of the common fields for AI are speech recognition, automated stock trading, natural language processing, fraud detection in finance or banking, home automation, etc.

Machine Learning is more about finding innovative applications. Both AI and ML projects require good teamwork with different roles. If you are more interested in innovation, you can choose AI and ML as career options. Common skills you need for this career are preprocessing data, data analysis, Python programming, and good knowledge of ML algorithms and math. 

Data Scientist

Recently, data science has become one of the top professions for various industries. As you know, lots of data is available and computing is getting way cheaper. This makes data science a perfect career. The main goal of data scientists is to provide answers to real-world problems. This career is very high in demand in almost all types of industries. The data scientist has to derive insights from the given data. Your insights are then used for decision-making. In this job, you have to design data storage and then manipulate and analyze the data to provide answers to specific questions. Data scientists create predictive models for various scenarios. For the data scientist profession, you need good skills in languages like Python and R along with statistics and data exploration techniques. 

Medical and health services

This is one of the most respected careers and is always in demand. You need a different skill set along with a degree. Being a health provider is not easy. To become a doctor, you need an M.B.B.S. and M.D. degree. There are various fields in medicine. To become a doctor, you need good preparation to manage all the study loads. In the health sector, Nurse practitioners also served as primary care providers. The salary of nurse practitioners is also very good. Apart from doctors and nurses, other jobs in this field are a therapist and medical assistant.

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Mental health specialist

With growing awareness, people are now taking care of their mental health. Earlier, mental conditions like depression, stress, etc were myths. But today most people know about mental illnesses and want the best treatment for them. More people are open to consulting mental health specialists for their condition. Mental health professionals like psychiatrists are good listeners and have problem-solving abilities. The goal of this profession is to interact with patients and provide them with better solutions to manage their mental condition. There are two main career options in mental health; psychiatry and psychotherapy.

Cyber security expert 

With the increase in online services, almost every business requires the internet. Our lives have become easier due to the internet. This increase in internet usage has also led to malicious practices like hacking. Cybercriminals steal crucial data from companies for their use. To secure financial and personal information in data centers, cyber security has become one of the critical career options. These professionals take certain measures to protect the whole system for minimizing data-theft issues.

The cyber security team manages everything related to data and system security. They regularly check vulnerabilities and other factors. Cyber security specialists detect loopholes and fix them. This profession requires good knowledge of networking along with the latest tools and techniques used in a particular domain. 


For every business, management is a crucial part. It has a variety of fields like marketing, finance, human resource, logistics, operations, etc. These jobs require different skill sets for various challenges like daily operations, recruitment, evaluation, setting up goals, etc. Common roles in management are administrative officer, brand manager, project manager, sales manager, etc. 

Some other top career options are web development, digital marketing specialist, cloud computing, software development, web development, alternative energy experts, etc.

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