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Keeping the extra-large Indian family in mind, more car buyers are opting for the best luxury 7 seater SUV in India rather than smaller cars. 5-seater SUVs may be sufficient for small families, but luxury 7-seater SUV in India have that extra space quotient giving comfort a new meaning.

A 7 seater SUV does not need to be the most expensive car in the world. There are affordable options out in the market that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. And since an SUV is a big car that you might find difficult to manoeuvre, here are some car driving tips to keep you safe on the road.

Luxury 7-seater SUVs in India are good not only for carrying passengers around but also for their luggage carrying capacity. It can be quite a difficult process looking for the right car. There are many requirements to consider such as body type, fuel type, price, etc.

Here is a list that should make your decision easier.

Top 7 seater luxury SUVs

The Indian automotive market is well known for small-budget cars that have entry-level prices. However, recent trends suggest that luxury 7 seater SUVs in India are getting more popular as big families like to travel in style and comfort.

Let’s have a closer look at the best 7 seater luxury SUVs in India.

Toyota Innova Crysta

This MPV is one of the most popular vehicles in India, a favourite of the nation due to its comfort, power, features and reliability and wide service network. The Toyota Innova Crysta is popular both in the new and used market and can often be seen ferrying a full load of passengers as a taxi or hired vehicle.

Toyota Fortuner

Another bestseller from the Toyota stables, the Fortuner is a rugged and reliable luxury 7 seater SUV in India. It has a powerful engine that gives the Fortuner a go-anywhere attitude. This SUV does well both on and off-road making it a versatile vehicle and well suited to Indian road conditions. Another advantage is Toyota’s extensive after-sales network which makes the SUV easy to maintain.

Mahindra Scorpio-N

This tough SUV has a ladder frame chassis and is easy to drive in the city. The Scorpio-N can take on bad roads with ease and has a reliable, durable engine to power through the toughest roads. It gets unbeatable road presence and ride/handling is quite smooth. It is the newest luxury 7-seater SUV in India. However, the third row is a little small for adults and some essential features are missing.

Jeep Meridian

The Jeep brand is famous for off-roading, but the Meridian has good city manners and is quite practical for daily driving. It is also equally capable off-road and has good levels of refinement. The exterior has the signature Jeep styling while the interior is luxurious and ultra-premium. It certainly is a very nice luxury 7 seater SUV in India to own.

Kia Carens

The Kia Carens benefits from a strong powertrain and several variants to choose from. It has a useable 3rd row allowing the cabin to accommodate 7 passengers in comfort along with their luggage. The wide range of features available on the Carens makes it good value for money as well as being a practical SUV for the family. The exterior design is a bit polarising and not everyone will like its quirky looks. The steering leaves room for improvement as it is a bit vague and unresponsive at times.

Mahindra XUV 700

The XUV 700 is seen as one of the most capable luxury 7 seater SUV in India thanks to its value co-efficient, big road presence, range of powertrain options and excellent driving dynamics. The interiors are also well appointed and the XUV 700 has a lot of features that make for a comfortable and convenient driving experience. It delivers on all fronts especially its powerful engine which has become a trademark of Mahindra. The only disadvantage could be its low-speed ride quality which tends to be a little stiff and limited ingress/egress for the third row of seats.


When planning on an out-of-city road trip, we often wish we had more space for passengers and extra cargo capacity. A 5-seater car is sometimes not big enough for family and friends. The answer to this problem comes in the best luxury 7 seater SUV in India.

These large SUVs have found their way on all manufacturer’s lists and have been quite popular as people carriers. 7 seater SUVs in India can seat all passengers in comfort and come with powerful engines to provide good driving characteristics on the highway and through city traffic.

We hope this list of cars will help you find the best luxury 7 seater SUV in India.

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