Best Method to Check Debit Card EMI Eligibility

Announcing a new service from federal bank: Top Cashback for Debit Card EMI Customers. Up to 1 lakh off for every Debit Card EMI transaction under the No Cost EMI product offer.

Have no money for the product you want? No problem! Choose and purchase any product you like: your debit card will not work with EMI, no-cost EMI, or with a cash credit limit.

No Cost EMI on your favorite brands from Amazon Now, buy products up to Rs.100,000 no-cost EMI off get an additional Rs.3,000/- cashback * This exclusive offer for your debit debit card. Card issued by Federal Bank is exclusive discount and an extra Rs. 3000 in Instant Discounts choose from a wide range of top brands.

Have you ever wondered if you can pay for your purchase in installments with an ATM card? Worry no more. Introducing the annual No Cost EMI Mobiles offer! If a seller offers this program, you can buy a product or service – up to 1 lakh rupees – and decide how many monthly installments you wish to pay. You can opt for as few as one installment.

So if you are using the last balance for EMI, So what should you do? You should recharge a pack right? Yes, that is right. But remember, whenever your balance is getting low, So add a pack smartly to avoid paying any additional charges.

Are you worried about zero balance in your SIM card? You don’t have to be, just log on to FEDERALBANK.CO.IN and check your eligibility for EMI on debit cards!

You would have already been intimated by our special relationship officers. Now to ease the process, we have a way to check your eligibility at home or from the office itself. 

Have you been having problems checking if your ATM or debit card is eligible for EMIs? We’ll solve that once and for all by helping you determine if your debit card or an ATM card is EMIs eligible.

We provide a debit card EMI facility to all our customers. If you have a valid debit card issued in your name and you are a resident of India, request your bank for an approval. You can send us the approval document once approved by your bank.

Find out if your Federal bank debit card is eligibility check for EMI. Just message ‘Debit Card EMI Status’ to 9456367639. Reply to that message with the last four digits of your card and our system will automatically reply that in case your card is not eligible, you can submit your details online at

Congratulations, you have successfully checked your mobile number with your eligibility for online shopping on EMIs. Please note that this eligibility check is only valid for 24 hours.

Banks offer many services like internet banking, online sim card recharge, fund transfer etc. In this post we will show you a bank. Is there a faster & secure method to find out the eligibility of your debit card for EMI transactions? 

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