Best Online Educational Games for Preschool Kids Who Get Bored Easily

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The concept of online learning has become popular, especially after the pandemic. However, elementary or high school children still have an idea about a traditional classroom, but preschoolers have no clue! These young children are at home all the time and tend to get bored. They have no social life, and it affects their growth. Thus, the pre-schools in Noida plan various educational games to keep the kids entertained and make learning interesting for them. 

Best online educational games for preschoolers

Listed below are some of the games that preschoolers can play to kill the boredom and feel engaged in their virtual classroom.


Preschoolers get fascinated by images and colours. That is the reason colouring is their kind of game! Buy some sketchbooks with objects, animals, fruits, flowers, and other figures. Show the colourful image of an object, and ask your child to sketch one with the same colours in their sketchbook. 

For example, show them an apple, and ask them to colour an apple in their sketchbook. This way, you can teach them colour identification and memorize the objects. For example, they will learn that an apple is red, and they will start to recognize the colour red! It is thus a fruitful game to kill boredom and teach significant concepts to every child. 

Brain Teasers

Brain teasers are simple mathematical puzzles associated with logical reasoning. The best example of this is Abacus. It is a counting frame through which the addition and subtraction concepts get taught with the help of beads. You can either ask parents to buy such games and play them during the online sessions or keep one with the educator and let the students watch as the teacher performs different activities, ensuring full involvement of every child. Also, read about the Noida school fees.

Matching Games

Earlier, the matching game used to be a part of the curriculum only. Students had to match the things that have a direct relationship with each other, and through this, their reasoning and scanning abilities brush up a lot. Turn it into a game by showing an object and asking students to bring something related to it. The international primary school plays this game by simply asking students to stack similar-looking things together, and this segregation will improve their reasoning abilities. 

Figure Identification

It is a memory game through which teachers can improve the general knowledge of every student. First, introduce them to the flags of different countries, their currencies, monuments around the globe, and similar things. Then, during the figure identification game, show them these things and ask them to identify them. It is an excellent mental exercise as the children will concentrate a lot to recall the object, and in the competitive spirit of the game, they will give their best effort and learn things quickly!

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