Best possible solutions for Canon printers error

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Canon printers are widely used around the world. These printer devices are smart and easy to configure. You can connect your Canon printer with any device and take the printouts. In multifunctional Canon devices, you can also scan the documents. These devices provide both wired and wireless connections. You can also connect your Canon printer to the network and then share it among devices. But sometimes Canon printers start showing errors.

Common Canon printer errors

  1. The printer is not connected correctly
  2. Canon printer error codes
  3. Fuser is overheated
  4. Cartridge is empty
  5. Paper jam
  6. Poor-quality printing
  7. Canon printer is printing slowly

Troubleshooting common Canon printer errors

Reconnect your Canon printer

Your printer can get into error when the connection gets interrupted. The connection fails due to a faulty cable or USB port. Go to the printer and eject the power cable. Now check your cable for any kinks on the ends or wire. If the cable is damaged, get a new USB cable for your Canon device. Always use a high-speed USB cable for connecting the printer. If the cable seems fine then check for the port. Use another USB port to connect your Canon printer. When you have connected the printer wirelessly, check for its Wi-Fi connectivity. Disable Wi-Fi on both devices. Wait for about 30 seconds and now restart the Wi-Fi. Go to the PC and check for the available devices. Choose your Canon printer and now check your connection issues.

Run a printer troubleshooter

If your Canon printer is not working due to any unknown error then try running a printer troubleshooter. You might get the error when some printer-related files on the PC are not working. Finding and fixing those files manually is difficult. Instead, you can try using the printer troubleshooter. On your PC, open Update & security and select Troubleshooter from the left pane. Choose Printer and run the troubleshooting tool. This utility function of your PC will immediately start searching for printer-related problems. If any error appears, this tool will fix it automatically. Wait until the PC shows you a troubleshooter report. If your printer error is fixed, send a new command and try to take a printout with your Canon device.

Check Canon printer driver

Whenever your Canon device shows you an error code, check for its driver. Canon printer error code b200 appears when the printer is unable to find the required driver. Your printer needs a driver to understand the print jobs. Go to the PC and check for the installed Canon printer driver. If the driver is not working, check for the new update. Install the latest update of your Canon printer driver. In case your Canon driver is corrupted then run a driver repair tool. This too will fix all the installed drivers on the computer. You can also reinstall the Canon printer directly. Go to the drivers’ folder and remove the corrupted Canon printer driver. Now open the web browser and visit the Canon website. Install the new Canon printer driver on the PC and restart the device. Your printer will take a few seconds to recognize the driver. Now send a print job and take the printouts.

Shut down your Canon printer

If the fuser of your Canon printer is overheated then shut down the printer. The fuser needs pressure and heat to fuse the ink on the sheet. When the user is taking printouts simultaneously, the fuser gets overheated, due to this, you have to shut down the printer. Don’t use the printer when the fuser is overheated, otherwise, it may get burnt out. If the fuser is burnt out, you have to replace it. Shut down the Canon printer and wait until the fuser cools down completely. Now turn on the printer and resume taking the printouts.

Get a new cartridge for the printer

If the cartridge is empty, you have to replace it. Get a new cartridge for the printer. Before installing it, check for the plastic protective clips. These clips are to protect the cartridge from mishandling damage. But you have to remove these clips before installing the cartridge on the printer. Remove the clips and install the cartridge on your Canon device carefully. Ensure to install the original cartridge on the printer. Sometimes the printer can’t read the clone cartridges. If you can’t purchase an original cartridge then refill your old cartridge. Purchase good quality ink and refill your cartridge. Now install the refilled cartridge and take the printouts easily.

Paper Jam

New Canon printers barely get into paper jams. But once the printer starts getting a paper jam, you might get this issue often. The jam occurs when some junk or paper chunks are stuck inside the printer. You have to clean the junk from the printer. Open the printer and check the rollers for any junk. Sometimes the rollers draw multiple pages at once and the printer gets into error. Go to the input tray and remove all the sheets. Now align the sheets and insert them into the input tray. Send a new print command and now check your Canon printer paper jam issues.

Clean the printhead

If the Canon printer is giving you poor-quality printouts then check its printhead. You need to clean the printhead often to remove clogged ink. If the printhead is clogged, it can’t print correctly. You can use the printer utility tool to clean the printhead.

  1. When the printer is On, go to printer properties
  2. Click on the Maintenance tab
  3. Tap on Deep Cleaning
  4. Choose the ink group
  5. Tap on Execute button
  6. Now a message will appear on the screen
  7. Tap on the OK button

The printhead of your device will start cleaning. After cleaning, take a test printout. If the quality is still poor, repeat these steps 2-3 times. You can also clean the printhead of your Canon printer manually. Remove the printhead and clean them with a cloth and a few drops of cleanser. Wait until the printhead dries and then reinstall it on the printer. After cleaning the printhead, your printer will start printing in good quality. Also, check for the quality of your ink. Use only high-quality ink to refill your cartridges. Don’t use clone cartridges as they usually have ink of poor quality. You can also improve the printing quality by changing the printing mode. Change the printing mode to High and now take your printouts.

Improve Canon printer speed

If the printer is working very slow, check for the connection. Speed issues usually appear on a wireless connection. When the printer is connected to a shared network, place it near the router. The best method to improve the speed is to connect the printer via high-speed cable (if possible). If you need simple printouts (black & white printouts) change the printing mode to low. This mode uses less ink and prints the document at a good speed.

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