Best Reasons to Get a Microsoft Azure Certification

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With the advancement of technology worldwide, cloud computing has become an essential part of it. AZ 900 Microsoft Azure fundamentals provide you with the opportunity of machine learning that can generate various virtual systems worldwide and make the most of the cloud providers to store and handle the data.

Cloud computing ensures securing all the data and storing it in the cloud. Moreover, the stored data in the cloud can be accessed from any corner of the world using a simple standard internet connection.

People nowadays are keener to use the cloud security computing service as they require to store more data than ever before and need to access it from all over the world. Moreover, this service’s productivity and easy accessibility make it more popular.

From large corporations to individual coders and developers, cloud computing offers them all the necessary tools and liberty to get success with the most challenging tasks. Cloud computing helps us quickly access the computing facilities & resources and effortlessly assists us with the required information.

AZ 900 Microsoft Azure fundamentals is an excellent way to showcase your skill and stand alone among thousands of job seekers. In this article, you will learn about the reasons why doing this Microsoft certification training course is the best thing for your career.

Add more flexibility to your career

Flexibility is the most crucial reason you should follow a career in cloud computing. Once you complete the Microsoft online courses, you will get numerous options to go with. With this credential, you will be eligible to play different roles in cloud computing, such as solution architect, cloud architect, and developer. It will also allow applying for various industries in the job market as most of the industries are taking advantage of cloud computing in recent times. This certification will make you competent enough to enter the world of entertainment, finance, and healthcare. This course will allow you to work as a Microsoft certified professional in countries like France, the UK, the US and so on. 

Attractive Salary Package

Microsoft Azure certification gives you the advantage of access to top-notch salary packages. For cloud computing professionals, Microsoft Azure certification helps to display your expertise and get better recognition. For an Azure professional, the average salary begins at $40,914; for experienced seniors, it starts at around $172,170 per annum.

Outstanding Career Growth

Microsoft Azure certification provides one of the best learning experiences and career growth. As a result, Microsoft-certified professionals experience exceptional career growth and acknowledgment in the thriving job market. Presently the demand for Microsoft Azure-certified professionals is on the rise as most marketing houses opt for the Azure cloud services.

With Azure certification, your career gets access to a wide range of professional fields such as 

  • Azure architect
  • Administrator
  • Developer
  • Microsoft Artificial Intelligence engineer
  • Security engineer
  • Data engineer
  • Data scientist

In addition, after completing the course and training, you will have a better chance of bagging a job in the Government sector.

Best Bait in an Organization

With this Azure certificate, you can become a significant asset to the organization and help them achieve their target. As a Microsoft Azure professional, you can access the pay-as-you-go feature and help your employer-organization use the benefit and evade the additional costs.

Unlike others, Azure provides an all-out association between on-site data centers and the cloud, which is immensely beneficial for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

Improved security standards

Microsoft certification trains you to be an Azure Security Engineer. Microsoft Azure security engineer is accountable for ensuring the safety of cloud-based solutions as well as hybrid cloud solutions. This certification provides top-notch security protocols and tools, commonly known as Security Development Lifecycle (SDL), to ascertain the overall safety and protection of the hosted applications and services on Azure.

Integrate perfectly with.NET Platform

The Microsoft-designed vastly used programming platform is NET, a free, open-source developer platform. Thousands of programmers make the most of this Platform to learn the coding language and create various kinds of applications. Moreover, the NET platform allows the programmers to concentrate on developing applications hassle-free. 

Organized Learning

The structured learning approach for Microsoft Certification Courses helps you effortlessly learn various tools. Azure certification provides a more enhanced and compact learning method for the freshers and allows them to make a better future.


Learning AZ 900 Microsoft azure fundamentals is the best way to develop your career and bag the most admirable job opportunities available in the market.

Anvesha Jain

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