Best States for Fake ID 2022

How Important Is the State When Using a Fake ID?

In fact, the United States of America is a big country, with almost 10 million km2 of land and 50 states. Of course, they are different in many ways, such as the kinds of identification documents they need. Sadly, it has become common for the government to make the rules and laws about personal IDs stricter.

Today, technology is advanced enough that new security features can be added almost as soon as people who make fake IDs figure out how to copy the old ones. But some states have rules that aren’t as strict as others. So, before you place an order, it’s a good idea to ask yourself, “What state should my fake ID be from?”

Modern IDs have a lot of different parts that can be hard to copy. For example, it can be hard to get good printing results with PET/PVC, and it might be hard and expensive to find polycarbonate that meets DMV standards. Also, many documents have unique features that require a master with skills, experience, and an eye for details. Most of the time, you won’t be able to add things like 3D holograms, signatures, and micro lettering to your replica if you aren’t an expert in the field or if your equipment is old. This is why it’s so hard to figure out which state has the best fake ID in 2021.

Still, if you look into the topic, you’ll find out what kinds of things are likely to cause trouble. For example, you won’t get a state ID from Maine because it has 3D holograms or from New Jersey because it has things that you can only see with a black light. This is how you learn to tell the difference between good and bad fake ID states.

Which States to Choose and Which to Beware

Now, it’s clear that some good states for fake IDs make it easy to get a fake ID, while others make it hard for young people to have fun like adults before they are legally allowed to. If you want to buy a fake driver’s license, it’s important to learn about the most common states where fake IDs come from. Here is a list of places that you can think of as the best choices:

  • Ohio
  • California
  • Texas \sConnecticut
  • Georgia
  • Mississippi
  • Illinois
  • New York City
  • Wisconsin
  • Florida
  • Colorado
  • Pennsylvania

Still, there are some states that want their laws and rules about IDs to be as strict and unbending as possible. The government takes advantage of new technologies and doesn’t hesitate to add new security features, like 3D holograms, UV-visible features, or signatures. Here are the states with the most strict rules about proving who someone is:

  • Delaware \sOregon
  • The state of New Hampshire
  • Utah \sKansas

Recommended States for a Fake ID

There are 50 states in the US, so searching through all of them would take a very long time. Each of the states on this list is a good place to get a fake ID.


Material and Safety Features

  • Lamination of Teslin PET
  • Should be flexible and show the word “Connecticut” in UV light.
  • Under the black light, pictures of a whale and an airplane shine.
  • If you turn it, you should see the ghostly shape of a whale through the holes.
  • In the upper right corner, there is a gold star that says it meets the requirements of the REAL ID act.

Things That Can Be Read

On the back, there are 1D and 2D barcodes and QR codes for PDF417 and BCS scanners.

Important Personal Details

Should have a Connecticut address and date of birth, and the back should have a copy of the UV image.


No matter what state you choose, you should always do a background check on the store you want to buy from to make sure they aren’t trying to scam you or aren’t just beginners. Even the easiest fake ID to make can be messed up if you try to do it like a beginner.

Morgan Shell

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