Best Surrogacy Centre in Delhi

Best Surrogacy Centre in Delhi
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If you’re looking for the best surrogacy centre in Delhi, you’ve come to the right place. There are a variety of factors that make a surrogacy centre the best choice. Among the most important is the comfort level of the patient. If they feel comfortable and happy, it’s likely that they will choose the same centre for their next procedure. Listed below are the top reasons why Mediworld is The Best Surrogacy Centre in Delhi.

The International Fertility Centre

This IVF Surrogacy Centre in Delhi has achieved phenomenal growth over the years. The centre is renowned for its exceptional success rates with the most modern assisted reproductive technologies. Its highly experienced staff members will help you maximize your chances of conception. Moreover, the centre has some of the best surrogates in the country. Its cost structure is transparent and flexible, and patients can opt for instalment payment plans.

Mediworld Fertility Centre

This surrogacy centre offers world-class treatment in Delhi. The team of doctors and fertility experts at this clinic is extremely experienced and offers advanced treatments. The centre’s fertility specialists perform in vitro fertilization, which allows the collection of eggs and sperm. Once these two elements are fertilized, the baby will be carried by the surrogate until delivery. The process is known as gestational surrogacy, and the surrogate mother can carry the baby to term.

At Mediworld fertility specialists will carefully monitor the surrogate mother’s health, nutritional support, and overall healthcare. In addition, prospective parents will receive monthly updates and scans of the surrogate. Because the facility has an extensive database of surrogate mothers, there is no waiting period, so couples don’t have to worry about a lengthy wait. Moreover, there are no complications. With the success rate at Mediworld, couples can enjoy a baby that they’ve always wanted.

The Mediworld Fertility Centre is located in South Delhi, just a few minutes away from Indira Gandhi International Airport. Nearby, you can find several hotels for USD 23. Depending on your budget, you can also find restaurants in the area. If you’re travelling by public transport, Green Field Bus Stop is just three minutes away. There are also many taxis available for your convenience. You can book a cab from the airport to Mediworld Fertility Centre within a few minutes.


The best surrogacy centres in Delhi screen surrogates thoroughly to ensure their compatibility and health before performing surrogacy. They also protect the rights of the intended parents. The surrogate mother cannot claim the child later. She can only take the baby after the delivery, however. If you want more clarity on this, you should contact the centre and ask questions. The best surrogacy centres in Delhi also perform criminal background checks.

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