Best Tips to Buy a Smartphone on EMI

Best Tips to Buy a Smartphone on EMI
Best Tips to Buy a Smartphone on EMI

Smartphones have become expensive these days. While many people treat them as their status symbols, others need high-end phones for work or profession. Since compromising with a lower-end mobile phone is not an option for most, they prefer buying a smartphone on EMI to make their purchase more manageable.

Credit cardholders can easily buy an expensive smartphone and pay its price in EMIs. However, not all buyers have a credit card. So, what’s the best option available for those looking for an expensive, feature-rich latest Samsung phone? Should they shell out money from their savings to purchase the smartphone they require? No, they can pay Samsung mobile EMI on an Aadhar card. Here are the best tips for buying a smartphone on EMI and getting the maximum benefit from the offer.

How does the Mobile EMI on Aadhar Card Work?

The buyer no longer needs a credit card to purchase a phone on EMI. They can now purchase one on an Aadhar card using their debit card. All they need is to select the phone they want to buy according to their budget, provide their debit card details, upload their Aadhar card and other documents, and place the order. They can buy their selected phone by making a small down payment. The remaining amount is distributed into EMIs over the repayment term they choose. Their EMI amount is automatically deducted from the linked bank account each month on the due date.

Tips to Get the Maximum Advantage

Here are a few tips that can help a buyer get the maximum advantage from the EMI on the debit card option:

  • Select the Right Phone

While it is possible to purchase a phone with a small down payment and pay its price in EMIs, keeping an eye on the budget is crucial. It’s not wise to go overboard and purchase an expensive phone one cannot afford. The costlier the phone, the bigger the EMIs. So, it’s essential to select a phone with EMIs within the buyer’s repayment capacity.

  • Save for a Bigger Down Payment

Although the buyers pay most of the phone’s cost in EMIs, they need to make a small down payment to start the transaction initially. The bigger the down payment they make, the less their financial burden on EMIs. Therefore, making a bigger down payment is intelligent to manage EMIs better.

  • Documentation Requirements

Since a buyer buys a phone on EMI using their debit card, their KYC details must be already updated in records. Still, it’s crucial to check the documentation requirements and provide the necessary documents when prompted.

  • Look for the No-Cost EMI Option

Many sellers offer the no-cost EMI option, using which the buyer can purchase a phone on EMIs without paying any interest charges. For instance, while looking for an expensive high-end Samsung phone, find a seller offering a no-cost EMI option for Samsung mobile EMI on an Aadhar card.

  • Pay EMIs

Paying the EMIs on time will help build a credit score and save the buyer from charges and penalties.

Now, the buyers can head to buy their favourite smartphone by providing their debit card and Aadhar card details. Instead of paying a lump sum, they can convert its cost into EMIs and pay it easily over time without stressing their budget.

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