Best Treks in Himachal Pradesh

Best Treks in Himachal Pradesh
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Himachal Pradesh is always the perfect place for a much-needed vacation. It is home to treks and many remain open throughout the year. The best time for climbing might vary from what you want to explore- the fresh smell of flowers and lush grasslands in the summer season, the rains, and more lush vegetation in the monsoon or winter season. Besides, the best time to climb in Himachal Pradesh is April to June and October to November. It is the best place to unwind with your loved ones.

During summer, that is April to June, some treks open for the adventure junkies in Himachal like Hampta Pass Trek, Kareri Lake Trek, Bhrigu Lake Trek, Indrahar Pass Trek, and more. Both freshers and experienced trekkers can climb in the summer months in Himachal Pradesh.

On the other hand, in the winter season, that is November to March, even the easy treks can seem difficult when you have to trek on snow-capped trails. Also, the views of Himachal in winter are quite unforgettable. Prashar Lake, Thachi Village, and Bijli Mahadev are some of the treks you can do in Himachal during winter.

During monsoon season, that is July to September, there might be a risk of landslides and heavy rains, however, trekking doesn’t stop in Himachal. Treks like Pin Parvati Pass, Kanamo Peak, Khan Pari Tibba, Mojidugh, Kugti Pass, and Chandratal can be attempted during the monsoon time.

Let’s dive into the best treks in Himachal Pradesh!

Sar Pass Trek

Sar Pass Trek is a trek that starts from Grahan village finishing in Barhseini, in Kullu Valley. The trek is preferred for all those who love thrills, snow-capped pastures, and mountains. The trek starts from Kasol where you will walk through pine forests, beautiful meadows, snow-clad mountains, and some of the most mesmerizing landscapes which make Sar Pass one of the best treks for freshers. You will also see a frozen lake, called Sar in the local language, from which it derived its name. The trail is about 48 km. Once you get to the ravine almost close to 14,000ft, the view from the ravine is completely breathtaking due to the legendary mountains of Parvati Valley. This climb will give an Adrenaline rush and thrilling experience with alpine forest, wildflowers, and magical valleys.

Hampta Pass Trek

Surrounded by shepherds and a few trekkers, Hampta Pass Trek derived the name of Hampta village that is in the Pir Panjal region at a height of 14,000 feet. The journey begins from Kullu Manali Valley and then takes you to the hill of Chandra Valley of Lahaul. The oak and walnut trees on the trail will add solace to your trip

Bhrigu Lake Trek

As a beginner, try climbing in Bhrigu Lake Trek, which is an ideal choice for you. No other trek compares to the amazing peak in just two days. Also, this place is home to Bhrigu Maharishi and people rejoin their spiritual senses here. Before coming, make sure you can trail the steep trails. Apart from that, visit this Bhrigu lake before June as it starts freezing during that month.

Indrahar Pass Trek

Of the various climbing routes, the Dharmshala Indrahar Pass trek is one of the most popular places under Himachal Pradesh tourism. It commences from the Kangra Valley and finishes at the Ravi river basin while engrossing you with the mesmerizing beauty of Dhauladhar ranges on your trail. The best thing is the trail comprising snow bridges, rowing streams of mountains, and the deodar trees.

Prashar Lake Trek

The god gifted beauty of Dhauladhar ranges in different and best mountains, Prashar Lake trek engrossed climbers with panoramic views of the Kinnaur and Pir Panjal ranges of mountains. There are two paths to Prashar Lake, one that passes through Jwalapur village and another takes through Biaggi village. If you want to climb easily, then go for the Jwalapur village route and enjoy perfect winter snow trekking there. Also, you can get a great package with an online route to make a perfect choice.

Beas Kund Trek

More for the first-time climbers, this 3-days trek to Beas Kund is the best choice to go. Enjoy the beauty of the Dhauladhar ranges, you can easily cover this trek of 15 to 17 km in a short time. This trek will take you to one of the best places to go where the Beas river starts and it will be worth your trouble.

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