Better Way Of Evaluating Candidates With Programming Skills Assessment And Pair Coding Interview

Better Way Of Evaluating Candidates With Programming Skills Assessment And Pair Coding Interview
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Last updated on June 21st, 2022 at 07:33 pm

In the modern-day, most organizations are looking for an effective way to easily improve their recruitment process. There are various strategies involved in conducting the recruitment process. 

Implementing the programming skills tests would be a suitable option for extensively providing the right solution. It helps to analyze the skills in a much more unique manner with gaining better benefits. These Skill assessment tests are useful for evaluating current and potential employees. 

These assessment tests are essential when you hire the best candidate as well as develop the top performers. Skill assessment tests are most essential when you are in the process of hiring for the right candidates.

Why Do Companies Use The Skill Assessment Test?

Normally, the Skill assessment tests are designed to help employers evaluate the knowledge as well as skills of their job candidates. These also involved the current employees in a much more unique manner. Conducting the programming skills assessment would be helpful for the companies to easily ensure the job candidates along with current employees. 

These also involve having the required skills for successfully performing the jobs. Hiring the right candidate would be helpful for the organization to improve its productivity and helps to achieve a good result.

 Importance Of Skill Assessment Tests:

Skills assessment tests have been around for more than decades, and many organizations have been using them for various attributes. Most companies are slow to adopt the use of skill assessment tests as they become a rising recruitment trend. Analyzing the person based on the programming skills test would be suitable for getting complete attributes of the person.

With the rapid scientific and technological advancements, skill assessment tests have become reliable, user-friendly, and the most affordable way for companies. These are helpful to easily test employees and candidates in the organization. 

More than 82% of companies are using skill assessment tests for evaluating the candidate. Skill assessment tests are a suitable option for evaluating the candidate’s skills as well as knowledge. These Skill assessment tests are used to test job candidates, so they are called the pre-hiring or pre-employment assessment tests.

When you are asking job candidates to take a skill assessment test, it is one of the common steps in the recruitment process. They would help the employers to easily hire and choose the best candidate. 

There are numerous advantages of using skill assessment tests with traditional selection methods that also include reviewing the resumes as well as conducting job interviews.

Test Candidates’ Claims:

The skill assessment tests are a suitable option for evaluating job candidates. More than 78% of the resumes are misleading and about 46% of them contain actual lies. 

Skill assessment tests are suitable for employers to easily check and analyze the truthfulness of the resume of a candidate. Applying the skill assessments test lets the employers easily verify the candidate who really possesses the skills.

Determine A Job Fit Candidate:

Programming Skill assessment tests are the best ways to determine whether the candidate is a good match for a job position or not. The main reason is that these assessment tests provide the relevant information on a job candidate’s ability to perform well in the job. These also extensively save more money in the process.

Determine A Cultural Fit:

Using the programming skills tests, it is suitable for identifying the candidate’s cultural fit effectively. Candidates can have the best technical skills, but when they do not have the communication skills, then it would be difficult to fit into the existing team. They are sure to fail and could leave your company within a few months. The assessment would be a suitable option for understanding how well the candidate could fit with the culture.

Whiteboard Coding Online Interviews:

The Whiteboard coding online interviews are a suitable option for understanding the efficiency of coders. In the modern time-sensitive scenario, hiring managers go beyond the resume, whiteboard, and simulator for the developer approach to making the best effective technical talent measurement. 

Hiring managers consider the interview approach mitigates the whiteboard coding challenge. These also offer a deeper understanding of the proficiency of coders.

Technical screening would be a suitable option for verifying the fundamental skills of coders, and it ensures the employers who do not manage the time-consuming interviews. You’ll be amazed at the remarkable number of candidates’ technical screening methods that are used in the modern day. These are the valuable and evidence-based analytics for the candidate’s potential for performing to deter hiring managers from shortlisting bias.

  • Employers are well-informed about coders’ unique skill set
  • Ability to collaborate
  • Solves problems
  • Strong analytical thinking
  • Deduce coders’ agility in coding
  • Interviewers know the complexity of the code used
  • Proficiency in using features like CodeEditor, auto-suggest, and more
  • Evaluates how well coders handle ambiguity
  • Highlight attitude toward the challenge
  • Aptitude for learning

Objective Evaluations:

An online Pair programming interview would be a suitable option for evaluating the candidate all throughout the process. Conducting the pair coding interview would be a suitable option for analyzing the candidates’ performance and gaining more knowledge about the detailed code journey. These are a suitable option for the hiring bias and ensure the optimum reliability as well as the validity of the coder’s potential.

Faster Hiring And Onboarding:

Normally, the Talented developers are available in short supply, and they require time-sensitive or even risk losing the top talents. Online interview pair programming would be a suitable option for getting a convenient, efficient, and speedy process of hiring. 

The custom environment is set up seamlessly, so they would provide better aspects of creating meaningful tests compiling popular Programming Languages. It also involves real-time review optimized selection quality to the excellence.


Mercer | Mettl provides a unique advantage for both the candidates and recruiters with better access to the easy-to-use interactive environment. It helps for conducting coding interviews online. Mercer | Mettl also brings the ultimate coding interview platform, which offers the recruiters to evaluate the live coding skills of candidates in a unique way.


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