Biggest Sports Medical Physical Therapy Mistakes You Can Easily

Physical Therapy

If you are injured, the first thing you should do is seek treatment as soon as possible. If you do not, you will only make the injury worse. This could prevent you from competing and ruin your season. Even though it may be tempting to try home remedies, it is not advisable. Your doctor can give you the right advice.

Avoiding physical therapy

Sports Medicine Durham can be a great alternative to surgery for injuries sustained in sports. A physical therapist can treat sports-related conditions by addressing deficits and creating an individualized exercise program. This treatment can also help prevent injuries by correcting movement patterns and mechanics. In addition, it can help athletes manage chronic pain.

After an injury, physical therapists may recommend strengthening exercises to improve mobility and prevent future injuries. They may also suggest ways to improve performance once you return to your primary sport. Sports Medical Physical Therapy is usually necessary after an injury. Patients should work closely with their physical therapist to set realistic goals and follow them through.

Ignoring an injury

Many people experience injuries, but most do not seek medical attention as quickly as they should. This is especially true of musculoskeletal injuries. Even minor injuries can have long-term consequences if they are ignored. Even a minor sprain, for example, can lead to a torn ligament or a concussion. Without the proper treatment, these injuries can worsen and even require surgery. It is best to see a physical therapist for the diagnosis and treatment of any injury to prevent any further problems.

Sports Medicine Physical Therapy visit, the physical therapist will ask you a series of questions about the injury to determine the exact cause. After a thorough evaluation, the therapist can recommend a specific treatment plan for your injury. The goal of this treatment plan is to help you regain full range of motion and function. Once this is achieved, your physical therapist will prepare you to return to the sports activities you love.

Ignoring pain

Many people have been taught as children that ignoring pain is the best way to get through an activity. While this tactic is effective in the short term, it can have disastrous consequences in the long run. Whether you’re injured during a workout or due to a motor vehicle accident, ignoring pain is a terrible idea. It can limit your daily functioning, reduce your range of motion, and even cause permanent damage.

It’s also a dangerous gamble. You could injure yourself and risk your entire season if you ignore pain. Pain is not a natural part of human beings, and it’s your body’s way of warning you about something wrong.

Ignoring impingement syndrome

Improper use of the shoulder can cause impingement syndrome in athletes. It affects athletes in a variety of sports, including swimming. Symptoms of impingement include pain in the subacromial area. The underlying cause of impingement syndrome is usually inflammatory, such as tendonitis, bursitis, or arthritis. Treatment for impingement syndrome often involves medication and physical therapy.


Symptoms of impingement can range from mild pain in the shoulder to weakness in the arm and shoulder. Treatment for this disorder requires a thorough assessment. A careful examination will determine if the condition is due to a structural abnormality. It may also be caused by a repetitive use of the arm or shoulder. If left untreated, impingement can lead to rotator cuff tendonitis or tear and require surgery.

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