Bir Billing: How do you plan your trip?

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Bir Billing, a tiny rural village inside Himachal Pradesh. The tiny village is very popular for paragliding. Bir is a plethora of trails for hiking including waterfalls, camping, and other places. As the home of the Tibetan refugee camp, this village is home to numerous monasteries as well as the largest stupa, which will leave you in amazement in their vibrant whites and reds which make your visit tranquil. 

Bir-Billing and Bir-Billing are two distinct places within the same valley but are doubleton spots. One location isn’t complete without the other. If you view it from the point of view of paragliding, the takeoff location is billing, which is approximately 2400 meters above sea level. The landing location is Chowgan which is located at the southernmost point of Bir which is located 1525 meters above sea level. According to locals, it is believed that the first settlement in the city was founded by people from Bengal. The city is so well-known for its paragliding, that it’s sometimes referred to as the “Paragliding capital of India”. In addition to all this, Bir is also noted as a center for ecotourism, spiritual study, and meditation.

Bir Billing Paragliding

Bir Billing is rightly called the capital of paragliding in India. It is the ideal place for landing and takeoff locations which are made possible by the smoothest winds. The landing zone is safe and has minimal risks of accidents and a high chance of rapid assistance, which makes it the ideal location for this type of adventure. 

The area is blessed with the ideal conditions for paragliding, Bir Billing has suitable air flows that can range from 6-12 meters/s of heat during May and June. This means that the paraglider will get the best uplift that could climb to a height of 5000m. The best time to consider paragliding here is between March through May and the months of October and November. Though you can visit this location throughout the year, when considering paragliding, these months are most suitable because of the better thermals and air flows.

Things to do to visit in Bir Billing

Tibetan colony is a Tibetan refugee settlement constructed in the 1960s in Chowgan close to Bir. This colony has numerous Tibetan monasteries, which are a representation of Tibetans from the Nyingma, Kagyu, and Sakya traditions. In addition, there is a Tibetan handicrafts center, Astronomical Institute, and various cafés, shops, and stores. 

There are also handmade items that are available at affordable prices and take them home as a keepsake. This lane is the heart of the town and is dotted with bustling shops selling a variety of souvenirs and memos. If you’re in Bir the town, then make sure you go for a stroll through this lane to get a better understanding of the town as well as its inhabitants and its history.

Deer Park institute of Bir, while the park’s name contains the word “deer” in it, it is not the case that, the park is not associated with deer. The park was founded under the patronage of the Holi Dalai Lama. It is an institution to study traditional Indian wisdom practices. 

The institute aims to keep alive the Nalanda spirit and is the country’s first structured university that seeks to educate the practices that are based on Buddhism along with classical Indian philosophy, as well as Indian sciences and arts. There are numerous meditation workshops as well as retreats, yoga, healing art classes, as well as traditional language classes for students interested in learning. Students can enroll all over the world.

Sherabling Monastery has a massive campus spread across 30 acres of pine forests. The perfect blend of tradition and modernity This monastery is the center of wood carvings, sculptures old Buddhist doctrines, as well as the infamous Thangka art. There’s also a pottery village located just a few kilometers away from Zostel Bir that you can go to by hiring a bicycle at the monastery. Sherabling Monastery teaches over 500 students at its sprawling campus.

Other things to enjoy in Bir Billing

Bir 360 Trek! One of the top activities to take part in within Himachal is to take the trek for beginners to Rajgundha valley. This hike will provide you with the opportunity to take in the stunning views of snow-covered mountains as well as the Uhl river that runs across the valley. With this trek, you will be able to enjoy the complete 360-degree view of the whole valley of Rajgundha and that is the reason it’s called”the” Bir 360-degree trek.

Beyond that, there are many other activities you can do and be a part of in this village. There are campsites in Billing and hiking to the waterfall that is hidden as well as walking up to the Gunehar river as well as trekking up to Keori village hanging gliding, or paragliding.

The best time to go to Bir Billing

Bir enjoys pleasant summers as well as a few snowfalls during the winter. You can go to Bir Billing all year round however if you inquire about the most suitable moment to travel, that should be between September and November, which is the season of autumn. During this season you can enjoy the perfect mix of cool and warm temperatures that will allow you to take advantage of your trip to the best.

How can I get in touch with Bir Billing?

In the air, the closest Airport to Bir the city of Billing is Gaggal Airport which is located at a distance of 68 kilometers from the nearby town of Palampur. It is also well connected with the capital city of the nation, Delhi. Other airports that are well-connected include Chandigarh as well as Amritsar airport.

On the road, as noted earlier, Bir Billing is 68km away from Gaggal and is located 180 km away from Manali 200 km from Shimla and 280 km from Chandigarh 500 km from Delhi, and just 50 km away from Dharamshala. You can utilize your car or choose to use various buses and private services. There are a variety of HRTC Volvo buses available directly from Bir to Delhi.

By train: The closest train station that connects to Bir is just 3 kilometers away. It can be found at Ahju Railway station. Another railway station is Pathankot railway station, which is easily connected to the nation’s largest cities.

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