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Last updated on January 2nd, 2023 at 12:07 pm

Breast implant Toronto has been one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. People choose to undergo it for various reasons. Being a popular cosmetic treatment, there have been significant advancements in implants. Often people also choose to undergo breast implant replacement procedures. As we grow older, our life goals change. It can also change our aesthetic goals. Due to which one might choose to change the size or remove the implant. One might also choose to undergo the treatment due to health reasons. If breast implant replacement has been on your mind, we are here to help you understand the basics. Knowing the basics can help you move forward in the desired fashion.

What happens during the breast implant replacement procedure?

Like every other cosmetic surgery, breast implant surgery also factors in various variables like the techniques and the goals. When opting for an implanted switch, it takes about 2 hours. When paired with a breast lift, it adds to the surgery and recovery time. You will be put under general anaesthesia for the procedure. The original incisions might be used for removing and replacing the implant. It could also be placed in the natural breast crease. This is done to provide better visibility and access to the surgeon. The incisions in the inframammary fold are often well-hidden and become faint as they heal.

For removing the implant, the En Bloc technique is used. This allows the implant and surrounding scar capsule tissue in one piece. If any undesired, tightened scar tissue is present or the implant has ruptured, there is a high chance that the surgeon will remove the entire capsule. A capsulotomy is another popular technique for breast implant removal. In this, the pocket is opened to allow room and free movement.

When should one consider breast implant replacement?

There is a common misconception that breast implants come with an expiry date, which means that they need to be changed every 10 years. That is not true. Implants need to be changed only when they are causing problems or you want to change the way that they look. If there is an implant rupture, your surgeon will recommend a timely replacement. Apart from that one can consider the procedure to increase or decrease the size and projection of the breasts. It can also be considered for changing the implant position or exchanging the old implant with a newer-generation implant. If looking to change from silicone to saline or the other way around, you should consider the replacement procedure.

How long would the recovery break?

After undergoing the surgery, it is recommended to take one to two weeks off from your routine. During this time, you need to avoid any strenuous activities or workouts. Ensure that you have the help that will assist you with childcare, pets, or driving. You might experience bruising or swelling will begin to settle soon. After the surgery, you will be provided with a detailed list of instructions that need to be followed to the T. 


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