Bring the Magic into Your Noodle Business with Custom Noodle Boxes

custom noodle boxes

We wish to provide your dream packaging. We give you a self-choosing option in box design and colour selection. We provide you with colour schemes and design formats in physical form for that purpose. You can select any of them. After selection, we deliver it to our design experts’ team. They examine your choice. If they feel your preferred colour combo is making the box dull. Or it’s getting over and suitable. We will contact you and discuss that issue with you. Still, we will proceed if you want to go with your choice. After production, we are not responsible.

Material guidelines for custom noodle boxes

For custom noodle boxes, you can use cardboard or kraft material boxes. The cardboard is available in brown shade in natural foam. You can print it in any shade because it is easily printable. The kraft material boxes are also printable. Besides natural brown, it is also available in non-bleached white form. You can use white kraft boxes if you don’t want to print. Moreover, cardboard and kraft material boxes are 100% biodegradable. Due to that, they are more economical than rigid and other packaging materials.

Custom ready-to-eat noodle box or tray

Do you want custom noodles or trays for your business? But you worried about the sogginess? Don’t worry. You will not face such issues with us. Our cardboard and kraft boxes are made of 100% pure material. That’s why they are durable and perforation free. Due to that, they can’t be soggy easily. Also, we do C2 lamination on the whole box. So, there are no chances of sogginess. We have many laminations can coatings options. But we prefer gloss lamination for ready-to-eat food items packaging because it is water resistant and works as a thin layer against humidity. Furthermore, It keeps the custom box safe from scratches, dust and fingerprints.

Ready-to-eat noodle boxes with handles

The noodles are always served hot. But the warm noodle box can burn customers’ hands. Also, it’s not easy to carry for the buyers. To satisfy customers more or get more appreciation, customise the handle on a custom noodle box. They do not just make the box easy to carry but also help save money because you don’t need to buy extra bags. Also, the handles increase the custom box grace more than before.

Custom raw pasta boxes wholesale

Besides ready-to-eat noodle boxes, we also provide you with essential pasta boxes. These boxes are made with food-grade material. Due to that, it’s not harmful for human consumption. And safe to interact directly with the package. You can choose any box style for the custom printed pasta boxes. We will customise it according to the length and mass of the pasta. Because size boxes do not look attractive. And they increase the bumping chances of pasta inside the box. Due to that, the pasta can break easily. Here are a few suggestions for you.

  • Sleeve and tray box with
  • Straight tuck end box with
  • Reverse tuck end boxes

Custom raw noodle boxes with die-cut window

Nowadays, colourful noodles are most likely by kids. If you make such noodles, customise a die-cut window on the custom noodle box. It will help to attract people even more. You can customise it to different shapes like the moon, stars, oval sun etc. For die-cut border outlines, you can choose different shades or Stamp foiling. Stamp foiling is still used by many famous noodle brands, especially in golden hues. It gives a sparkling goldish effect to the design, making the display even more charming. Besides detailing die-cut borders, you can use it for writing brand logos or highlighting specific areas or designs.

Stamp foiling options for custom raw noodle boxes

  1. Silver or gold hot stamp foil
  2. Metallic foil (silver, gold, blue, copper, red, and green)
  3. Rose gold foil
  4. Embossed Foil (Any Color)
  5. Holographic foil

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