Building a House on the Moon

Whether you have dreamed of building house on the moon, or just enjoy science fiction, there are some basic guidelines you’ll need to know. In this article, you’ll learn about the legal requirements, as well as the costs involved.

Real lunar dust

Using lunar dust to build a house on the moon is a challenging task. It is composed of tiny shards of glass and minerals that were formed over millions of years by meteorite impacts. In addition, it carries an electrostatic charge. This makes it cling to everything it touches.

For decades, NASA has attempted to keep the dust out of private hands. But a legal loophole has allowed the sale of authenticated lunar samples. This is the first time that lunar samples have been put up for auction. The final price was a six-figure sum, which was less than Bonhams’ pre-auction estimate of $800,000 to $1.2 million. The buyer’s premium was also included in the final price.

In the first study, five SEM sample tubes were purchased by an anonymous bidder for $504,375. The samples were then sent to NASA for authentication. The samples were then sold at Sotheby’s in 2017 for $1,812,500.

The second study was conducted on a smaller scale, exposing 22 rats to a low concentration of lunar dust. The animals were exposed nose-only for four weeks. A third group of 22 rats were exposed to a high concentration of lunar dust. These animals were also euthanized after 13 weeks.

Cost of building

Creating a lunar base is an expensive venture. The cost of sending one kilogram of payload to the Moon can reach six-digit numbers.

One possible way to reduce the cost of a colony on the Moon is to mine and recycle space junk. This would add to the easily available resources already present on the moon. A single nuclear reactor fueled by the abundant helium-3 in the moon could provide low-cost lunar energy.

Using local materials to build structures on the Moon is the future. The Austin, Texas-based 3D printing construction company ICON recently won a $57.2 million contract to develop technologies for building infrastructure on the moon.

There is also an upcoming NASA mission aptly titled Artemis. It will take off in 2024 and will explore the lunar surface. The mission will also determine the cost of transporting materials to the moon and the cost of housing astronauts on the moon.

The true cost of constructing a home on the moon is estimated to be about $325,067 a month. However, some experts estimate that the cost to erect a house on the moon is more than the combined cost of a house on Earth.

Legal requirements

Various nations have plans to build a permanent base on the Moon. Russia is planning to build a base in the 2020s. The Chinese space agency is also planning to establish a base in the near future. But these countries have not ratified the 1979 Moon Treaty, which was meant to prevent any nation from taking ownership of the Moon.

Articles twelve and thirteen of the OST state that any lunar installation must be made available to all parties. This means that no one is allowed to exclude anyone else from their property. It also states that all parties are obliged to provide reasonable advance notice to other states for any proposed visit. This allows maximum precautions to be taken for safety reasons.

The Outer Space Treaty of 1967 is the first legal document to establish that outer space is an international domain. It also prohibits harmful contamination of the space environment. It also states that scientific research must be open to the international community.

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