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Buy Instagram Mentions

COMPRARSEGUIDORESARGENTINA offers quick delivery of Instagram Mentions. Check out our deals below. Note: watch Instagram stories by using the Instagram story viewer app provided by

How can the Buy Instagram Mentions service benefit your business?

Affiliate Marketers listen up!

Imagine that you’re selling a health product and that you know where your potential customer is purchasing their products now.

It would be so valuable to share your offer with people you know who are interested in similar products.

This is Laser Targeted Market. We deliver your ideal customers directly to your post.

Affiliate marketers and anyone selling products or services must ask the question “Why am I not buying this product right now? And why haven’t I heard about this before?”

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FAQ: Instagram Mentions – Frequently Asked Question

What Should I Do to Buy Instagram Mentions?


How can I get my offer noticed by potential customers?

Mentions are an Instagram comment to an Instagram post that contains a username. Once the username has been delivered as @username, the post will be visible on that user’s feed.

How can I mention someone on Instagram

For a mention of someone, use @ followed by their username (e.g. “great photo, @yourname). Do not include any spaces between @ and your username. Notifications in Activity will be sent to the person you mentioned.

Is it possible to hide my comments and mentions in my post?

A private profile that mentions someone will allow the person to see a portion of the Activity comment. If their notification settings allow, they may receive a push notification. However, they won’t have the ability to navigate to the private photo/video.

A private user can leave a comment below a photo uploaded by a public Instagrammer.
Only those who have been given a photo/video by Instagram Direct can see any comments or mentions.

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What can the Instagram Mentions service do for my business?

Imagine that you sell Handbags. If your target audience is a certain demographic, you will know who your customers are buying Handbags. It would be so valuable to send your Handbag Offer to people you know who are interested in similar products. 

This is Laser-Targeted Marketing. We deliver your ideal customer directly to your post. You might ask, “Why am I not buying this product right now? And why have I never heard of it before?”

How does Instagram Mentions work?

If a public Instagram user mentions you user name followed by an “@”, the site automatically tags it as a mention. This allows users to reply to your comments on photos and lets you know they have responded. Other users can also alert you to relevant content. 

You can view all mentions made on Instagram by visiting the News feed section of your app. This is Laser-Targeted Marketing. We deliver your ideal customer directly to your post.

Visit the News feed section of your app to see your mentions on Instagram.
Step 1
Start Instagram on your smartphone and sign in to Instagram if asked.
Step 2
Tap the News icon on the main menu. This icon shows a graphic that depicts a speech bubble and a silhouette of heat in its center.
Step 3
To view your most recent mentions, tap the “You” tab.

What is the average time it takes to deliver Instagram mentions?

Here at, we have completely re-worked the system to provide you with the best, fastest and cheapest Instagram Mentions services on the net.
Our Mentions Services are usually delivered within 1 to 4 days depending on how large the order is.
Marketers don’t have the time to waste. Before you can place your order, you need to fill out forms after forms, validate your account, and verify a lot of other things.
Targeted Marketing is so simple!

Does my Personal Information remain Private after I place my Order?

Our GDPR-compliant Privacy Policy protects your personal information.


With over 10 years of experience, we are the most knowledgeable team of social media specialists. Since the launch of Instagram in 2011, COMPRARSEGUIDORESARGENTINA has been leading social media. We have provided amazing results for well over 500,000 customers. You won’t be disappointed if you choose us.

Are you unable to deliver Mentions to any of the posts?

Mentions can be delivered to IGTV posts NOW. Also, we can deliver to static images, regular video posts and REELS.

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