Best Ways To Inspire Your Next Twitter Campaign

This Twitter ad instantly grabs the viewers’ attention with its “55 percent discount” text. However, it also is careful not to be perceived as a low-cost deal. Note: (Buy YouTube Subscribers UK) The dark background and award badge give this brand a clean, elegant appearance. The logos are well-known and provide social proof that lets the public be aware that Major brands have faith in the curiosity.


It’s not necessary that every deal-based Twitter advertisement be red or yellow bright colors to stand out. Conduct an A/B test to determine what colors your audience responds to.

Examples of Twitter video ads

The video content industry is a significant issue on social platforms, and Twitter is no different. Views of videos on Twitter have increased to 62% between the years 2019 and 2020!

Video helps bring the product to life, providing endless possibilities for creative marketing. Let’s take a look at some great examples!

Salesforce promotes its events.

Twitter ads are an effective way to get the public aware of your upcoming event. This is precisely what Salesforce did.

How can you speak about an event run at a cloud computing firm without sounding too dry or technical? Salesforce came up with a playful and captivating ad that combines adorable, cartoony images and footage of a brand’s representative talking directly to the crowd.

Ad on Twitter to promote Salesforce event

Source: Twitter


If your business is in technology, make sure you engage your customers through a personal connection. Use an employee (or your chief executive) in your videos to give an individual touch to your company. This strategy can be used for any advertisement, not just for special occasions.

Semrush announces the launch of a new feature.

Have you recently been awarded some recognition and or been recognized as an industry expert? Do not just place an award on your site. Make it known to the world with a bang, as the SEO tool Semrush did.

In their ad on Twitter, Semrush combines a little giddy-up with information regarding a new feature and the possibility of a free trial.

Ad on Twitter that promotes SEMrush analytics tool

Source: Twitter


Add a special incentive to your award or announcement of a feature. It could be a brand strengthening tool. Industry awards and recognition could aid in attracting new customers who might otherwise be at a loss to try to test your products.

Siemens talks with industrial users.

Social media could be simpler to utilize to promote B2C brands. But what is it with B2B firms that sell industrial products? The positive side is that their customers are buyers, employees, and affiliates on Twitter.

This is the target audience Siemens is targeting with this video advertisement.

Siemens Twitter ad example

Source: Twitter

Since their target market will likely be well-versed in recent technological developments and trends, Siemens doesn’t shy away from providing technical information about their advertising product.


If you’re marketing to high-skilled industries, be aware that these businesses are managed by people who are using social media. This means that the typical requirements for creativity are still applicable to your advertisements, including adding interesting videos and visuals, including call-to-actions and hyperlinks, emojis, and hashtags. However, you can get away by using industry terms to boost credibility.

Epik showcases their fight on prices through a short video

Do you think your brand’s tone is more informal? Consider a fun effect-based video in your next Twitter advertisement or on the Domain platform

Video ad on Twitter

Source: Twitter

The style and look of the video are a mix of the game of video and the film. They also tie their game into the movie by highlighting the current challenges. The video (Buy YouTube Views UK) claims that Epic claims to be “holding its line” with the same pace regardless of what happens.


Based on the audience you are targeting and the type of brand you are trying to reach, you can play around with metaphorical images like this for your video ads on Twitter. A tip: Like Epik the ad, you should pin it at the top of your page to highlight all the likes and retweets that your campaign generated.

Nissan is impressive with its high-quality video footage

Cars are one of the most significant purchases a person can make. Therefore, old-fashioned video advertisements about cars won’t disappear anytime shortly. It’s the kind of advertisement that showcases a stylish vehicle in different locations at different angles.

Nissan ad on Twitter

Source: Twitter

Nissan’s tweet-based video ads convey the appearance and feel of a modern, sleek car featuring high-quality video and advanced editing. The ad also uses the hashtag (#drivechange) and a tagline to promote the spirit of community for electric vehicle users.

The most important takeaway

There is no requirement to be an auto manufacturer to achieve the same thing that Nissan did. Make sure you invest in high-quality video footage of your product and add the latest and most efficient editing method. Add the hashtag of your community in your advertisement to increase the sense of belonging among your customers.

Carousel Ad examples from Twitter

Carousel advertisements can be enjoyable and engaging ways to promote your brand via the internet. The ads let users move horizontally between up to six videos or images that showcase the latest promotions and items. Advertisers may also use these ads to promote a particular story.

As you can see in the carousel Twitter advertisements below, this advertisement can be pretty engaging.

Yemeksepeti serves the hungry crowds.

Yemeksepeti is a Turkish internet-based food delivery service in more than 60 cities. They made use of Twitter to expand their reach.

The campaign’s advertising was a huge success, even though Yemeksepeti only utilized two videos. One of the videos included traditional Turkish cuisine, while the other specifically focused on hamburgers. This method worked since it appealed to two distinct viewers.

While the campaign was running, the company noticed an increase of 67% in click-through rates and a decrease in cost per click.

Ad on Twitter from Yemeksepeti

Source: Twitter


Test A/B whenever you can discover what appeals to your target audience and then apply the results to your next marketing campaign.

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