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Last updated on January 11th, 2023 at 11:19 am

Buying a new cycle for your lifestyle can be a daunting task. With the rise of online shopping, it can be difficult to decide if you should purchase the cycle from a store or online. Although each choice has advantages and disadvantages, it ultimately comes down to preference. For those who want to purchase a cycle from a store, there are hundreds of options available with a variety of features and price points. On the other hand, those who decide to purchase a cycle online will also find a wide range of selections, and many stores are now offering discounts and free delivery on the different limits of purchasing.

If you are confused about what to choose, an in-store Cycle shop UAE or online buying this article will gonna help you in this. But before this selection, there are several key considerations to keep in mind when purchasing a bicycle. Let’s discuss them first.

Decide what you need

Before purchasing a bicycle, it is important to determine your needs. Consider factors such as

  • Type of cycle you will use for riding, the distance you want to cover, your budget, and any special features you may need.
  • Research different types of bicycles, such as mountain, touring, hybrid, and cruiser bikes. Think about the size of the bike that will best fit your body.
  • Determine the features that are important to you, such as frame material, number of gears, tire width, and the type of brakes.
  • Consider the cost of accessories such as a helmet, pump, and lights or apparel.

Warranty and After-sales service

Checking out the warranty and after-sales service for buying a bicycle is an important part of the purchasing process. It ensures that you get the most out of your bike and that it lasts for many years. When considering a bike, make sure to look at these options available whether they are available or not.

Many bike stores like Crank Master Bicycle shop near me provide warranties that cover parts and labor for a certain number of years or miles. Additionally, offer free tune-ups or other services after a certain number of miles. After-sales service may include assistance with bike repairs, technical support, and assistance with any other bicycle-related issues.

After considering these things, determine the best place to buy the bicycle, such as in-store or online. so you should be clear about your needs before buying a bicycle, this will help you to purchase the right bike for your needs and also the selection of the store.

Because when you search for a Cycle shop near me, it will be convenient for you.

Pros and cons

In this era of the internet and fast browsing, online shopping is popular. Because this has revolutionized the way to buy goods, with lower prices and delivery right to our door. But some people do not trust these online purchases because they fear the quality of the product or fraud. To clear this confusion we have compiled the benefits and disadvantages of both types of buying options.

Buying bicycles from in-store


There are several pros to buying a bicycle from a local store.

  • Firstly, it allows customers to see the bike in person before making a purchase.  So you can check the frame, brakes, gears, and general condition of the bike
  • you can ask any questions from the store staff about the bike and get advice on the best bike to suit your needs.
  • Buying a bike from a store will usually provide a warranty and, in some cases, a returns policy. Which is the assurance of the quality and, if it isn’t, they can get a refund.
  • You can take your bike home straight to your home which means that there is no wait for delivery.


There are some cons to consider when purchasing in-store.

  • The cost of bicycles from In-store bicycles is more expensive because stores have to cover the cost of taxes on the stock of the bikes.
  • In-store bike shops have a limited number of brands and models, so it can be difficult to find exactly what you’re looking for. As a result, you have fewer possibilities.
  • After purchasing from in-store there is a need for transport to bring the bike home. Which is a really difficult task.
  • One drawback is that you can’t compare prices. Because of this, you have to visit multiple stores to get an idea of the prices.

Buying bicycle online


There are many benefits to buying a bicycle online.

  • When you do online purchasing there is not any hustle to visit a store. You can see different models and prices, compare them, and select the one that suits you best without leaving your home.
  • A lot of time could be saved because there is not any need to drive to the store and wait in line.
  • Also, you can find great deals, oftentimes they have sales and discounts, so you can find the bike you want at a much lower price.
  • You can ensure the quality of the products by the reviews on their site, so you know exactly what you’re getting.
  • Many online Cycle shop sharjah offer a warranty, so if anything goes wrong with the bike you can get it fixed or replaced.




Buying a bicycle online can be convenient and cost-effective. However, there are some l downsides to buying a bicycle online.

  • One of the major cons of buying a bicycle online is that you cannot test-ride the bike before purchasing. Without being able to test the bike, you can end up purchasing a bike that is not the right size or does not feel comfortable to ride.
  • Buying a bicycle online means that you may not be able to get the best price. Because you can’t bargain.
  • Shipping costs also add to the total cost of the bike, making it more expensive than buying from a store.
  • Another issue with buying online and if there is a problem with the bike, you will need to either send it back again to get the necessary repairs done. Which is a big hassle.


Buying a bicycle from an in-store can be a great way to get the perfect bike for your needs, as you can try it out to make sure it fits, and you get to visually inspect it for any defects. However, buying online can save you money and you can usually get a better selection of products. However, you will not be able to inspect the bike before buying and may have to pay for assembly and maintenance. Many online Cycle shops in UAE including the Crank Master, Cycle shop abu Dhabi, and trek bicycle stores provide these in-store facilities. But ultimately, it comes down to personal preference and budget.

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