Buying a Queen-Size Mattress: How to go About it?

Buying a queen-size mattress: How to go about it?
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Planning to purchase a queen size mattress Singapore? It pays to be right with the dimensions, comfort, and overall sleep quality it would deliver. Everyone loves having a good night’s sleep, so you can’t settle for anything less than the best in terms of comfort. With too many online stores in Singapore selling branded mattresses, choosing one might turn out to be challenging. To ease up your decision-making process, we have discussed some of the prime features in the mattress that you should check out.

When you buy mattress online Singapore, make sure that the products adhere to the mentioned criteria.

What to check when you buy a queen size mattress?

At the outset, you would prioritize comfort as it directly determines your sleep quality. Check how good the layer conforms to the body movements you make. Branded manufacturers design mattresses that are capable of regulating your body temperature. So, here are the prime aspects to consider when you purchase a queen size mattress.

  1. Responsiveness

Responsiveness refers to the extent to which the mattress responds to the body movements of the users. Accordingly, it should adjust to the position of the body to deliver optimal comfort.

As you turn on the mattress, it should adjust to the movements you make during the sleep. Particularly, restless sleepers change their sleeping position several times during the night. Even if you are a combination sleeper, it’s important to prioritize the responsiveness of the mattress.

  1. Motion transfer

When you share your mattress with your partner, the movements that the person makes may disturb your sleep. Motion transfer refers to the level to which the mattress manages to absorb the motion and isolate the same. Many users overlook this aspect, but it’s essential to get quality sleep. 

Particularly, if you have kids moving around the bed or pets climbing up, make sure to get a mattress with a high motion transfer quotient. Experts advise getting foam blend and memory foam mattresses for better motion transfer.

  1. Temperature regulation

When you buy a queen size mattress Singapore, make sure that it has a good breathability to maintain good airflow. The manufacturers, while designing these mattresses, prioritize heat retention. Accordingly, they incorporate relevant heating and cooling properties into the mattress.

When you sleep, the mattress transfers excess heat away from your body. If this heat remains trapped in the layers of the mattress, you would feel uncomfortable and sweat a lot.

Aerated mattresses come with breathable layers that ensure that the sleeping surface remains cool. This is possible only when the mattress delivers proper airflow.

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  1. Spine support

 Even when you sleep, your spine should be in the right posture. This makes spine support one of the key parameters to look out for when you buy mattress online Singapore. Remember, your spine should be in its natural position regardless of what you do. So, when the muscles rest naturally during your sleep in the right position, you would wake up with a refreshed vibe.

In case the mattress you purchase lacks comfort, you would experience a stiff back. Again, poor body temperature regulation would make you feel warm and sultry when you sleep on it. These guidelines will come in handy for you when you shop for your next queen-size mattress. Get the mattress from a reputed online store to ensure affordability and quality.

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