Buying Criteria And Size Guide For Bath Mats

Size Guide For Bath Mats
Size Guide For Bath Mats

One cannot deny the importance of mats for bathrooms because these flooring accessories serve both decorative as well as functional purposes. Such that every home bathroom needs a bath mat to add a touch of style and comfort to the interior besides allowing you to enjoy the benefit of added safety in the bathroom.

Bath mats protect you from slip and fall accidents thus, preventing any serious injuries from happening. Adding to that, these flooring accessories can help you get rid of the ice-cold flooring shocks when stepping out of the shower. And just like that, there are many other practical as well as ornamental benefits of placing a high-quality mat in your bathroom.

Complete Buying Guide For Quality Bath Mats

Now that you know a quality bath mat can make all the difference in the interior of your bathroom space, you must be thinking about what factors should be taken into consideration when purchasing a mat for your bathroom. To solve this problem of yours, we’ve presented to you, in this article by Mats Dubai, some of the most important factors that must be taken into consideration when choosing a bath mat.

1. Think About The Interior Space To Select The Bath Mat Size

One of the most important aspects of bath mats that if ignored will lead to the wastage of your money is the selection of the ideal size for your bath mat. For this purpose, you’ll need to take the available space inside the bathroom interior into consideration, in order to select the size of the mat accordingly.

Adding to that, the placement of the mat matters the most when deciding on the ideal size for a bath mat. Because you can either place the bathroom mat outside the shower or in front of a bathtub and both these areas have different space requirements. Also, there is a range of sizes available for bath mats and we’ve compiled some of the best and most selected sizes below.

1. Bath Mat Size Of 16×23

If you want to place a bath mat under the sink, in front of the door, or beside a corner shower stall, then this will be the ideal size of bath mat for your bathroom. Also, this size of bath mat can be placed twice inside the bathroom, in case you’ve had a large bathroom, but don’t forget to make a presentable contrast for this consideration of options.

2. Bath Mat Size Of 30×34

This regular-sized mat is available in a wide variety of colors and styles. Hence, you should choose this size if you want to add a pop of colors or make your bathroom interior stand out. Also, most people admire this size as the ideal fit in their bathrooms.

3. Bath Mat Size Of 24×40

Spacious bathrooms can be perfectly decorated with this size of a bath mat or runner. Most of the time these bath mats make a bold statement when placed outside of bigger soaker tubs or in front of open showers.

2. Make Comfort A Prior Consideration

Some bath mats comprise a memory foam that makes them super comfortable and relaxing to feel. When you’re buying a mat for your bathroom, always make sure that you pick an option that is comfortable for the feet. This can be easily done by making a choice of luxurious fabric for your bath mat.

3. Consider The Different Build Materials

Not to mention the fact that bathroom mats are available in a variety of material options including synthetic fabrics, exotic wood (bamboo), and natural fabrics. Adding to that, the difference in the material composition of the bath mats significantly changes their features such as resistance, durability, comfort, attractiveness, maintenance requirement, water absorption functional properties, and many more.

Bath mats comprising synthetic fabric have less water-absorbent skills, however, this makes them dry quickly. Besides, you won’t need to worry about the cleaning and maintenance of these mats as they are easily washable.

On the other hand, natural fabricated bath mats absorb more water and offer a cozy, relaxing feel underfoot. And for people loving bamboo mats for their bathrooms, let’s tell you that these mats dry quickly but can be quite slippery.

4. Decide On The Mat Shape And Style

Speaking of the fact that bath mats can improve the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom means you’ll have to carefully select the shape and style of the bath mat. Mostly, these mats are available in 3 different shapes such as round, rectangular, and square. 

However, as for the color choice, you’ll have endless options with different shades of the same color. And having that said, you can either make a color and design combination or opt for patterns and prints for adding colors and making your bathroom look elegant and stylish.

5. Don’t Forget The Safety Factor

How can one forget that bath mats should comprise an anti-slip backing for safety purposes? So, it’s super important that you select a bath mat comprising ant-slip properties so as to protect yourself against slip and fall accidents. Nowadays, some bath mats are also equipped with suction cups that allow for better adhesion to the floor.

To Summarize

To sum up the above-mentioned points, you should place a stylish mat in your bathroom to add to the beauty, safety, and comfort of the bathroom interior. And, choosing a high-quality mat will help you enjoy all these ornamental and practical benefits. For this purpose, you need to take care of some important considerations such as the mat size, comfort, style, color, shape, and anti-slip backing. Not to mention that all these benefits are dependent on the choice of build material of a mat thus, making the material choice an important factor as well.

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