Buzzed Card Game

Buzzed Card Game
Buzzed Card Game
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The Buzzed Card Game is sure to get your party hopping! Just place the playing cards in a pile and take turns drawing one.

Each person reads the card, drinks based on what it says, lather, rinse, and repeat until everyone is buzzed. This game is designed for 2-20+ players!


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The gameplay of Buzzed Card Game is straightforward – each player draws a card from the 180-card deck, reads it aloud, and then drinks based on what they hear. It’s a short drinking game perfect for anyone looking to get a little tipsy with their friends.

The most exciting part is that there’s no wrong way to play. Each card has a fun gimmick. For example, the Activities card lists an activity you can do to increase your chances of winning, like staring at someone for three seconds before you drink.

There’s also a fancy-pants card with a cool name and a couple of cards with more to do with drinking than others. The Secret card is the most intriguing card, which features an interesting tidbit about a person you can’t see. This a fun twist on a classic party game that can be played on any occasion – from pregame to a postgame night and everything in between.


Buzzed is a card game for drinking that’s simple to play and requires little to no imagination. It’s the perfect game for parties, cookouts, or even a night with friends.

Whether you’re in a big group or two people, this game will keep everyone laughing! Just draw a card, drink based on the prompt, and do it repeatedly until everyone quenches their thirst.

The cards can be pretty random and fun to read, and they’re sure to get your juices flowing! They’re printed on premium playing cards (thick with a gloss finish) and shrink-wrapped in a custom box.

This game is excellent for a group of people, and it’s also straightforward to teach the rules. You need to have a deck of cards and a buzzer in the middle of the table. Players will turn their heads and yell “Buzz!” when their card matches the one that just got flipped.


Buzzed is a simple drinking game that starts the party without breaking a sweat. The best part about it is that it requires minimal equipment and only takes about 5 minutes to set up. It’s a game perfect for a big group or your best mate who loves a good drink. It’s a good idea to have a couple of decks of cards for each player in case you want to play with more than the allotted amount of people.

You may also want to get some booze to go with it, especially if you’re trying to win the game. You could even make it a competition between the players! The most important aspect of this game is to keep the drinks flowing.

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Buzzed Card Game is a straightforward drinking game that can be played with many people. All you need is a full deck of cards, some drinks for everyone, and something to represent a buzzer.

The scoring system is quite simple; the first team to get all ten items and phrases on their card before the timer buzzes win. In the first round, the describing player chooses a thing or word from a list of ten on the card and then describes it to their teammates.

The guessing players then try to guess the item or phrase as quickly as possible without repeating the describing player’s words. When the team gets the correct answer, the card is passed to the opposing team, and the timer starts ticking. Once the timer BUZZES, the unit left, holding the card, scores nothing. Should both teams guess all ten items or phrases on the card before the buzzer sounds, and both score 1 point?


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