Alibaug Camping: One of the best camping experience in Maharashtra

Alibaug Camping

Alibaugh is a city in the state of Maharashtra. Is a coastal city south of Mumbai in western India. It is known for beaches like Alibaug Beach and Valsol Beach. Offshore  is the 17th-century Colaba Fort, with tiger & elephant carvings and temples dedicated to Hindu deities. To the south is Fort Korai, built by the Portuguese in 1521, with a lighthouse. Janjira Island forts have high walls, towers and cannons. Aptly called ‘mini-Goa’, 

  Alibaug is located 96 km  from Mumbai and 150 km from Pune,  Maharashtra. This charming little town is famous for its many beaches, which are only a few minutes’ drive  from each other. This means you don’t have to worry about which beach to go to and which one to skip. 

 Alibaug is a quite famous but unusual tourist spot near Mumbai, Maharashtra. One of the main reasons for the popularity of this small town is its many beaches on the west coast. This also means that this charming little town offers great sunset views of the sea.  Alibaug camping spot is located right on the beach and is a great way to get away from the city and spend a wonderful vacation on a secluded beach with your loved ones. The seascapes can be experienced from the many huts built to park the boats of the local fishermen and many other great attractions including the fascinating sunsets. 

 Alibaug Camping 

 Another thing  this town is famous for is shore camping. Alibaug Beach Camps is approximately 1

 km  from Alibaug Main Bus Station and 30 km from Mandwa Jetty. Camping at Alibaug Beach will soothe your mind and soul with breathtaking views of the sunset over the sea. Staying here is a great way to spend your weekend away from the city and its chaos. 

 The beach has several tents  with mattresses, sheets and blankets, although these options may vary according to the tour package. You can enjoy many indoor and outdoor games like  badminton, badminton and volleyball. And if you are not  a very sporty person, you can just relax in the hammocks until  sunset. In some campsites, you can also have a barbecue experience yourself, for which the necessary instructions are provided. Various camps organize film projects at the end of the day, which  can be enjoyed under the open sky, next to the waves of the sea. This type of camping is usually organized in winter and summer, when the refreshing sea breezes can lull you to sleep while enjoying the sea sun. 

 Goods to be transported to Alibaug Beach Camp 

 If you intend to spend your holiday at Alibaug Beach Camp, you must bring a valid government photo ID. hat or hat, sunscreen and insect repellent, flashlight, power bank and  water bottle. 

 Activities at Alibaug Beach Camp There are many things to enjoy at 

 Alibaug Camp. You can enjoy the beach with a bonfire, DJ nights until the allowed time limits, enjoy a homemade barbecue and play volleyball, football and even cricket. In addition, you can enjoy a variety of water sports offered by  local vendors. These include water skiing, scuba diving, banana boat rides, paragliding and many others. 

 How to reach Alibaug 

 Alibaug city is very well connected to different parts of Maharashtra and India. Road trip from Mumbai via Penn or take NH-17 to Wadhar and turn right to Alibaugh. State government buses run daily between Borivali, Thane, Kalyani, Pune, Kolhapur, Mirage, Nashik and Alibaug.  Volvo private buses and various car rental  companies are also a reasonable option. For travelers who do not like long journeys by bus or car, there is a train. Alibaug does not have its own railway station. 

 trains travel from Mumbai and Pune to nearby stations such as Loja, Panvel and Kandala. From there you can take local taxis or government buses to the capital  Alibaug. The waterway to Alibaug is an exciting option for tourists. Prams and large boats run from India Gate and Ferry Wharf to Mandwa. Mandwa is the nearest jetty, about a 50-minute catamaran ride from Mumbai. Ferry from his wharf to  Mandwa with his  car with a huge mistake. Alibaug is just an hour’s drive from Mandwa and has good road connectivity. The nearest airport to Alibaug is the Mumbai International Airport, which is approximately 1

0 kilometers from the coastal city. 

 What else in Alibaug? 

 Apart from this campsite, Alibaug also offers you many activities like DJ music, bonfire, live music, movie screenings, indoor outdoor games and fun group activities. Water sports such as kayaking, windsurfing, speed boating, scuba diving, banana boating, dolphin watching, paddle boarding, kite surfing, water skiing, bumper riding, etc. 


 Life is good when you have the opportunity to spend the night on the beach under the stars and moonlight. 

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