Can Ants Be Perilous For Your House?

Can Ants Be Perilous For Your House?
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Ants appear to be small, harmless creatures. They generally remain busy foraging for food and appear occasionally. However, do you know the extent of damage they can cause to your house? Ants can be harmful in more ways than one. 

They can damage your house and increase health risks for your family members. However, an insignificant amount of ants appearing occasionally on the kitchen top or around the sticky patch of orange juice on the table does not call for immediate action. 

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When you see ants parading along your kitchen top every day or marching into a hole in the wall, it is time to ring the alarm bells. Experts like Rove Pest Control help remove ants completely. The followings are some risks of harboring colonies of ants inside your house. 

Home Damages

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We all know that termites are dangerous to wood panels and wooden objects. But, are you aware of the damages carpenter ants may cause? Carpenter ants make their tunnels through old and decaying wooden objects. They do not sit deal and devour the part already under the process of moldering. 

Carpenter ants make long tunnels through these woods to make your door frames, window frames, and more internally hollow.  The worst part about these damages remains their invisibility at the upper surface. When you take the window frames off for repairing or any other work, you find them hollow and fragile.

If storms strike your area before you unearth the ravages done by the ants, you might feel amazed at the fragility of your house walls, wooden frames, etc. ants do not leave any mark or trade on the surface to comprehend the extent of damage they cause. Therefore, you need experts to detect and remove these colonies to keep your home structurally strong. 

Given the tiny shape and ignorable size of ants, their potential to blow the walls hollow seems irrational. However, when colonies of ants work together, they can take the mansion down before you know it.  Their strength lies in their number and not their size. 

Health Hazards

Not all ants are harmless, and not all harmful. Certain species of ants can be harmful to your health. Especially for fire ants, the stings can be anything between irritating and fatal. When fire ants inject the stinger inside the human body, they discharge n acidic, venomous substance. 

Generally, these stings result in itching, redness, burning, and swelling around the stung area. However, some people remain extremely sensitive to the substance the fire ants release during their sting. 

If any of your family members are allergic to that chemical substance, an ant sting can lead to severe symptoms like shortness of breath, nausea, chest pain, etc. Therefore, you should never allow ants to build colonies inside your home walls. 

Once you spot the regular movement of ants along a specific route, try to locate the entry point and seal it. However, your task does not end here. You should immediately call professional pest control services to get your entire premises checked for ant colonies to remove them entirely.   

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