Can I travel alone for Umrah?

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Umrah is a religious trip that every Muslim wants to make at least once in his life by booking Cheap umrah packages Birmingham if you are living in the UK. The Ibadah doesn’t just wash away a Pilgrim’s past sins; it also cleans his body and soul. Every good thing you do in Makkah and Madinah, which are holy places, will help you in many ways.

Umrah is an Ibadah that every Muslim on earth wants to do more than anything else, but not everyone can find a group to go with. Most people who want to do Umrah but can’t find someone to go with them often ask if they can travel and do the holy journey alone.
In Islam, the rules for men and women who want to do Umrah alone are different. Religion doesn’t treat men and women differently because of their gender. Instead, the differences are made to protect and honour women.

The Sharia says that men can go to Umrah without a partner and on their own. Almighty Allah has made sure that men are both physically and mentally strong and powerful. They can face the threat with more courage than women can. Islam lets men do Umrah on their own, even if they don’t have anyone with them. This is because men are made to handle the risk of harm or loss on their own. Men are stronger than women in some ways, so Allah made men the guardians of women to protect them in any way possible.

Umrah is a religious trip that men can take alone. Women, on the other hand, are not allowed to go alone. Not just for Umrah, but also for longer trips, women can’t travel alone more than a certain number of kilometres without a Mahram. They can only travel alone for up to 3 days (that is approximate equals to 48 miles). The goal is to give a lady a place to stay and the respect she deserves. “No woman should travel alone for more than three days unless her husband or a Mahram is with her,” said the Prophet Muhammad SAWW.
The distance is said to be one day and one night in a hadith in Sakhi Bukhari.

Though, different sects have different rules about how women can travel. Shia and Sunni are the two main groups in Islam, and they both have different ideas about women travelling. According to the Sunni sect, women are not allowed to travel alone after a certain number of kilometres. If a woman wants to travel more than that without her Mahram, she is committing a sin. When it comes to the most important pilgrimage, Umrah, the sin is even worse, so it is forbidden for a woman to travel without a Mahram. People often ask here, “What would a woman have to do if she didn’t have a Mahram to travel with?” In these situations, the religion gives the woman a pass on Umrah or Hajj if she doesn’t go.

According to the Shia sect, it is fine for a woman to go to Mecca on her own without her Mahram to do Umrah. The only thing they have to do is have a company that people can trust. Umrah travel in groups includes situations where a woman goes to Makkah and Madinah without her husband. The groups can be made up of family (cousins, relatives), known people (neighbours, friends), or people who don’t know each other at all (like the groups made by the Umrah travel agencies). Even though the Shia sect allows a Muslim woman to travel alone, it stresses that she should travel with a group of people she knows or, better yet, with a group that won’t hurt or bother her.

In addition to following the rules set by their sects, women must also follow the rules set by the Saudi Government of Hajj. The government made the rules for performing Umrah, and a woman under 45 is not allowed to do it without a Mahram, even if she is going with a group of people she knows. Women over 45 can do Umrah without a Mahram if they go with an organised group or family (cousins or other family members who are not related to the woman by blood) and submit a notarized No Objection Certificate from their Mahram.

There aren’t many times when the Umrah travel agency sets up a Mahram for a woman with a family she has never met before. If people find out about this, it will not only make you a criminal who did something wrong, but it will also ruin the point of your Ibadah. If you do Umrah in this way, you won’t get the real peace that the religious journey of Umrah gives. So, choose a legitimate travel agency for your trip, and stay within the law, so that your Umrah will help you understand what it’s all about.

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