Can You Keep Your Lease When Your Landlord Starts an Airbnb in LA?

Airbnbs have become wildly popular. There are over 5.6 million active listings around the world. Los Angeles is one of the cities with the highest number of Airbnb listings so if you live in LA, you may find yourself in a problematic situation if your landlord decides to join the exodus from long-term leasing to short-term renting through Airbnb where there is potentially more profit to be made.

If that’s your story, it’s important to know that under California law, you do have rights. Your landlord doesn’t have the right to terminate the lease on your property so that he or she can rent the property through Airbnb. The best thing you can do is to speak to a Tenants Rights Lawyer, so you know what recourse you have.

LA Tenant Protections Under the Law

Landlords have much to gain by switching to short-term Airbnb renting so you can’t always trust that your eviction is legal. There have been a number of high-profile cases where landlords have evicted tenants using the “Ellis Act” as their legal grounds.

What is the Ellis Act?

The Ellis Act enables landlords to “quit” their tenants (or, kick them out) citing that the building is basically going out of business. Under proper use of this law, all tenants on the property can be evicted at once. Disabled and senior renters get a year notice but all others only have 120 days to vacate. The use of the Ellis Act to get long-term leasers out and short-term Airbnb renters has been ruled illegal. Now, any building laying stakes to the Ellis Law may not be re-rented for 5 years after the tenants are evicted.

Other Situations

Some landlords lack integrity. They are greedy and will stop at nothing to get what they want – like more money. Your landlord may try to lie in order to evict you. He or she may say you have constant traffic in and out of your unit or accuse you of a number of false actions. You will need to prove otherwise if that’s the case.

Even if you are sure your landlord has intentions of starting an Airbnb, until that happens, it can be construed as speculation or hearsay.

There are a myriad of situations that may surround your individual eviction case. Landlords typically have at least a little knowledge of the law and if they are not upstanding characters, can find ways to attempt to skirt around it. You need legal counsel who specializes in complicated Airbnb eviction cases like yours. Without proper defense, you are likely to lose your case altogether.

When Should a Tenant Hire a Lawyer?

There are many other laws that protect renter’s rights under California Law that may make your eviction illegal. The laws can be complicated though so unless you are a Tenants Rights Lawyer, you’ll want an LA Tenants Right Lawyer to represent you.

Benefits to Hiring a Tenants Rights Attorney Los Angeles

If you are being evicted so your landlord can start a LA Airbnb, especially if he or she is doing so under the Ellis Law, there are certain formal legal steps you’ll need to take. Even if the Ellis Law is no part of the plan, California Law offers protection to renters. But there are legalities you must attend to that are best left up to the experts.

Some advantages to hiring a Tenants Right Attorney Los Angeles include:

  1. It’s complicated. Many eviction cases are complicated. You’ll spend all your time and money trying to learn and apply the law of tenant’s rights unless you are an LA Tenants Rights Lawyer. Even in a seemingly cut-and-dry claim such as being evicted so your landlord can open an Airbnb requires proof that he or she really is starting one. A seasoned Tenants Rights Lawyer Los Angeles will know exactly how to go about presenting the evidence and fighting for your renter’s rights.
  2. Less stress. If you are going it alone, you’ll no doubt be stressed out, worrying if you are going to lose your place to live. When you trust a Tenants Rights Lawyer to represent you, you’ll save yourself the emotional and medical implications associated with stress.
  3. Maximized outcome. If you are removed from the property you’re renting, you’ll be forced to find another place to live. If you stay and fight it, you’ll be out money for an attorney and other debts incurred due to the eviction. An outstanding Tenants Rights Lawyer Los Angeles will navigate the law so that you end up being compensated for your financial losses during the eviction and afterwards. A top-notch Tenants Rights Lawyer Los Angeles like the team at The Offices of Jacob Partiyeli will work hard to recover your lawyer’s fees too.

Hiring a Local Tenants Rights Lawyer

If your eviction is in Los Angeles, hiring an LA Tenants Rights Lawyer is wise. Although California State Law governs the city, there are many reasons having an LA lawyer makes sense. A local lawyer will be familiar with the judges, lawyers, and other officials who work in the area and will know how they operate. He or she will know exactly where to file your case and how to maneuver it through the court. Furthermore, you don’t want to travel far and wide just to speak with your attorney or do paperwork that’s required. A local lawyer is definitely the way to go.

Tenants Rights Attorney Los Angeles

If you are being evicted by a landlord who is planning to start and Airbnb, don’t delay. Speak with a Tenants Right Lawyer today. You’ll want to choose an excellent one who is experienced in Los Angeles renter’s rights and eviction defense like Jacob Partiyeli who has successfully handled many eviction cases. Call today – (310) 801-1919.

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