Can you play cross-platform Xbox and PC?

Is World Of Warships Cross Platform
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World of Warships is a great MMO title for anyone who has a deep interest in naval technology, and clearly, there are a fair few of you out there. After all, this title has been ported to loads of platforms and has kept consistently decent player numbers since its inception. With so many game versions on the market, some players may wish to know if the title supports crossplay. While the answer is technical: yes, there is a bit of a caveat to that. Although the game is available across Android, iOS, PC, Xbox, and PlayStation systems, not all of those versions are equal. Read for more information Is World Of Warships Cross Platform

Is World of Warships Cross Platform? – Is World of Warships Crossplay?

This title initially launched exclusively on the PC, and while it has since become available on both mobile and consoles, those versions are not exactly the same. World of Warships: Legends is the console version, while World of Warships: Blitz was made available on mobile platforms. These versions have distinct differences, such as control methods and how fast some battles can take place.

How to Play World of Warships Cross Platform

If you’re playing the game on PC then you’re out of luck. The PC version of the game does not currently support crossplay because it’s a very different game from the other versions. If you’re playing on Console, then you should be able to add friends and fight random enemies regardless of whether they’re playing on Xbox or PlayStation. The same goes for the mobile versions, with both iOS and Android players sharing a game world. There’s also a mobile version of Legends that can play with the console and other mobile platform players.

Does World of Warships have Cross Save/ Cross Progression?

As the three different versions of the game are distinct, none of them share any sort of progression. However, you can share progress between the console versions of the game, and the mobile versions of Legends by logging into the same account on both platforms.

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