Can you sit A Level exams privately?

If you are thinking about sitting the exams, check with the school or college that your child is attending. Most schools and colleges have a website where you can look for the details about their exams. If the school doesn’t have a website, you can call the school to ask for the information. You should get in touch with the exam centres in person to ensure that you are going to the right place.

The A level exams are divided into three different types. The first type are the General Paper exams. These exams cover a wide range of topics and are designed to test the knowledge of all the subjects studied. The second type is called the Extended Project Essay exams.

These are similar to the General Paper exams except that they A Level Exam Centre tend to require a higher level of skill and creativity in writing. The final exams are the Research Based Exams. These are also known as the Higher Level Examination and are used to test your knowledge in one specific subject.

The Research Based exams can also be divided into two types. There are the Higher Research Level Exams. These are for those people who have done well at school and want to continue studying further. They are designed to test your knowledge in a particular field such as biology, literature, or maths. The other research based exams are called the Undergraduate Research Level Exams.

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