Car Cartoon Drawing For Kids | Drawing For Kids Tutorial

Car Cartoon Drawing For Kids | Drawing For Kids Tutorial
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Drawing For Kids you’d think that drawing a car would be as tricky as driving one, but it’s relatively easy. All you have to do is adhere to these easy instructions, and you’ll have a car that appears to have been professionally detailed. Detailed Step-by-Step Drawing Instructions for a Car

The ease with which a car can be sketched may surprise you. In only five minutes, you’ll have your very own art that looks amazing and is guaranteed to impress all your friends. To get started, all you need is a pencil and this guide.

Drawing instructions for a vehicle, step by step. The Drawing For Kids tutorial can be divided into eight short pieces. Since each stage will show you a different way to draw the car, you must complete them in the correct order. None of the phases should be skipped because they are crucial to building your drawing.

Making a Cartoon Vehicle Caricature


  • The length of the car you want to draw should be the width of your thin rectangle. Make use of a pencil so that you can quickly go back and, if required, erase the lines. To add more details as you go, all you need is a preliminary sketch.
  • Draw the rectangle as large and wide as you want your cartoon car to be, keeping in mind that it will make up most of the design. Remember that how you create the rectangle will define the dimensions of your car.
  • Whether you intend to paint your car or not, you should still draw it in pencil because you will need to remove specific lines as you go. Even if you want to colour it, this is still true. Then, if you’d like, you may return to the car and colour whatever you want with coloured pencils, crayons, or markers.


  • Draw a trapezoid or a half circle on top of the rectangle. Draw a trapezoid on top of the rectangle, making sure it is in the centre, to make the cartoon car appear more realistic than it is. To create an exaggerated automobile, you might add a dome or a half-circle on top of the large rectangle. The dome can either be placed in the middle of the car or at either end.
  • Draw a larger rectangle first, then layer a smaller rectangle on top of the larger rectangle, then cross out the two shortest sides to represent a trapezoid. Then, create the large rectangle’s short sides to slant downward at an angle to meet the larger rectangle’s top.


  • Draw two circles in the centre of the large rectangle’s bottom to serve as the wheels. Imagine that your vehicle’s wheels are separated by two circles the same size as the wheels. You can use this to determine how much room to leave between the wheels.
  • If you’re drawing a cartoon car, ensure the rectangle’s bottom edge precisely cuts through the centre of each wheel.
  • Draw four interconnected circles along the line dividing the bottom of the rectangle if it is of any use. Remove the two circles in the diagram’s centre.


  • The line through the wheels should be deleted, and the corners of the car should be rounded. You can use an eraser to eliminate the line that runs through the wheels. The car’s body should now be sketched, trying to make it as round as possible rather than a box. You can skip this if you prefer a cartoon car with sharp corners.
  • After drawing soft curves around the body’s edges, use your eraser to round the corners of the car.


  • Draw a tiny rectangle in front of each wheel to serve as the bumper for the wheels. Build the rectangle so it sticks out slightly from the car’s main body and spans halfway between the wheel and the front or back of the car. It will appear to be the bumper because of this. Apply the same procedures on the opposite wheel.
  • It would help if you didn’t create a rectangle between the two wheels because it would be where the car doors would be because of the location.


  • Build a small round headlight and a square tail light. Use a drawing tool to create an oval or circle on the front of the car’s body. Put the circle at the upper right corner of your car if its body is angular. Next, draw a tiny square or rectangle above the bumper in the corner of the car opposite the bumper.
  • The size of the lights is entirely in your hands. Make them large enough to stick out from the body for a more pronounced effect.


  • Draw either a rectangle or a domed shape to represent the window. Draw a fast outline of a small rectangle that fits inside the trapezoid you made on the car’s body. Make sure to allow space between the shapes as you construct the car’s frame. Draw a smaller dome inside the enormous dome if you made a dome rather than a trapezoid.
  • You can choose to leave the window as one big window or divide it into two smaller windows by drawing a line through the centre of it.

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