Car Wash Service: Comprehensive Car Cleaning

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As a consequence of using a vehicle, it is normal for it to get dirty, both inside and outside. Mud, dust and also pollution accumulate, either on the bodywork or inside the vehicle. Especially during the winter months, when the rain falls unexpectedly and abundantly, it is very easy to always have a dirty car.

Lack of attention to the car in the long run can damage the materials that compose it, both inside and outside, with the risk of permanently ruining the aesthetics of the vehicle and, especially in the case of the interiors, creating problems for the driver and passengers, generating allergies, such as dust, or other problems of a diverse nature.

Interior washing

Steamgrønt interior and upholstery car wash and cleaning service is a comprehensive service that allows you to remove any type of stain or dirt from the interior of a vehicle, whether for commercial or private use.

The service includes everything from removing stains to removing sand or pebbles, from cleaning the interior windows of the passenger compartment to polishing and cleaning the seats and plastics that make up the interior.

Outside Washing

The exterior of the vehicle is the place where it is possible to accumulate the most obvious part of the dirt, since it is the most exposed to the weather and various types of external agents.

There are innumerable external factors that can stain or cause damage to the aesthetics of a vehicle, such as rain, domestic and non-domestic animals (for example dogs or cats, but also pigeons), pebbles and many others.

Therefore, it is important to always wash with suitable soaps and apply the most appropriate and effective protection products.

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The bodywork is generally the first victim of dirt, which can be caused in the most diverse ways and, therefore, will be of the most diverse nature.

Dirt can be caused, for example, by a car overtaking and, going through a muddy pit, splashes it on the bodywork and wheels; when going through a work area, the dust raised by the movement of the car can “rain” on it; but also other types of dirt or pebbles, a summer storm or a snowfall can create even more dirt and stains in the car. Resin or leaves can fall from a tree, the wind can carry dirt or dust that can get into the corners or roofs, stray animals (but also pets) can urinate on the tires or on the door, typical city birds such as For example, pigeons, or seagulls for those who live in the sea area, can relieve themselves on the roof or on the hood of the vehicle.


Wheels, whether plastic or alloy, are one of the most visible elements of a vehicle.

A dirty rim gives the idea of ​​a car that is not cared for and a careless owner, while a beautiful clean and shiny rim, a result obtainable especially for those vehicles equipped with alloy wheels, suggests an owner who takes care of his own vehicle. And take care of the details.

Cleaning wheels is not a particularly difficult practice, but an untrained eye can easily tell the difference between a wheel cleaned by a professional and one cleaned by an amateur, especially when they are made of alloy, a material that is very pleasing to the eye, but also delicate and easy to get dirty, particularly due to its location so close to the street.

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