Cara e Coragem: Summary of upcoming episodes this week

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Thursday, 20th October 2022 (Episode 124)

Pat and Moa despair when they see the explosion and try to help their parents. Clarice tells Jonathan that she believes her father was murdered by the same person who wanted to kill her. Rebeca and Célia’s DNA test is positive. The two celebrate with emotion the proof that they are mother and daughter.

Pat and Moa believe the bakery fire was a planned bombing by formula buyers. Anita confirms to Ítalo her involvement with the fisherman Samuel in the past. Rico visits his father in jail. Marcela takes Gustavo to meet Berimbau.

Armandinho leaves with Dalva and meets Margareth. Alfredo worries about the kids and tells Pat he’s taking them to live with him. Marcela holds a press conference to inform the press about Berimbau’s accusation against Gustavo. Regina celebrates Gustavo’s arrest, and Leonardo is shaken. Luana tells Clarice about Martha’s departure from the company and that Leonardo is the current president of SG.

Renan shows the news about Rico’s father to Olivia. Martha asks Leonardo for a board position. Moa asks Ítalo to put security guards to take care of her family. Danilo is concerned that buyers sent a warning because of the failure of tests carried out on the formula modification.

Friday, 21st October 2022 (Episode 125)

Danilo tries to disguise his apprehension about the fire at Milton’s bakery to Rebeca. Leonardo refuses to give Martha a job. Rico, Pat, Moa, and Ítalo are suspicious of the accusation made by Berimbau. Joca convinces Teca to have dinner with him. Danilo tells Regina and Leonardo that the buyers set fire to Moa’s father’s bakery.

Leonardo demands that Jonathan resume research on magnesium and deliver the results quickly. Andréa decides to go with Hugo to Paquetá. Cleide suspects Batata is giving her a blow and asks Armandinho for help. Duarte offers to help Milton clean and organize the bakery after the bombing. Andréa is surprised by the disaster at Moa’s father’s bakery. Cleide and Armandinho kiss.

Duarte approaches Milton’s bakery just as Andréa leaves with Hugo and Nadir. Olivia and Alfredo meet Joca and Teca at the restaurant. Rebeca takes Célia and Fernanda to meet Chiquinho. Danilo accepts to work at SG, and Leonardo is excited. Anita meets Martha and finds Regina. Pat notices the tattoo that Ítalo has, the same as Clarice’s, without seeing the change she has.

Saturday, 22nd October 2022 (Episode 126)

Regina tries to bribe Anita, who threatens to tell the police what she knows about her. Italo hides from Pat that he put the formula modification on his tattoo. Paulo thinks about talking to Pat and Moa about Clarice. Olivia warns Rico about Joca’s intentions with Teca.

Armandinho helps expel Batata da Êxito and then stays with Cleide. Regina complains about Anita to Danilo, who asks for information about the masseuse. Anita is scared to find Danilo and a supporter inside her house. Pat and Moa arrive to meet Jonathan.

Monday, 24th October 2022 (Episode 127)

In today’s episode of Cara e Coragem, Jonathan gives Pat and Moa the money Clarice agreed to get the formula. Danilo threatens to attempt Anita’s life if she goes to the police. Jonathan doesn’t tell Clarice about Ítalo and Anita. Pat tells Moa that he suspects the formula modification is with Ítalo. Isis is run over after arguing with Renan.

Rebeca asks Danilo to let Célia and Fernanda live with them. Isis loses her baby, and Olivia comforts her. Pat and Moa try to confirm that the formula modification is in Ítalo’s tattoo. Italo decides to travel with Anita. Milton and Nadir kiss. Lou argues with Renan. Clarice looks for Ítalo. Pat and Moa surround Milton’s former employee, who allegedly sabotaged the bakery. Unnoticed, Clarice sees Ítalo and Anita together.

Tuesday, 25th October 2022 (Episode 128)

Clarice is devastated to realize that Ítalo and Anita are dating. Fernanda does not accept Rebeca’s invitation. Pat and Moa discover that the bakery bombing was ordered by Alexei. Pat and Moa are surprised by Ítalo’s disappearance. Clarice tells Jonathan that Ítalo has the formula modified.

Marcela and Paulo decide to exhume Clarice’s body. Pat donates the money he received from Clarice to the women’s group. Hugo walks away from Enzo when he sees that paparazzi are photographing him. Renan asks Olivia for a leave of absence from the dance company.

Rebeca sees a photo of Danilo’s grandfather with Martha’s father in the SG, but she doesn’t recognize him. Luana finds it strange to see Regina being kind to Martha. Clarice remembers a conversation she had with Danilo about Alexei and decides to go with Jonathan to visit his office at SG. Célia chooses to live with Rebeca but without her daughter Fernanda. Moa asks to join Pat. Leonardo sees Clarice at SG and believes it to be a vision.

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