Top 5 Career Opportunities In Italy In 2022

Career Opportunities In Italy

Italy is not only for relaxing your vacation period and enjoying food. But it also has some great places to work and live. The most important thing is that if you have completed your graduation lately from any university in Italy, then it will be easy to get jobs in Italy. It has many opportunities in the Artificial intelligence sector.  

On the other hand, you may have assumed to pursue a career in Italy. Somehow it has the best opportunities to get jobs across Europe. From professors to attorneys, you will get the utmost career opportunities among the loftiest lists of paid professions in Italy. Let’s take a look at the list of the top 5 career opportunities in Italy. 

Top 5 Career Opportunities In Italy In 2022

The below-mentioned career opportunities in Italy in 2022 are exciting and encourage you to relocate to the spot. From part-time jobs to full time there have tons of scopes and paths to build your career.

1. Surgeons:

If you are at the stage of a practising surgeon and have planned to migrate to Italy, then it will be the best career opportunity for you. It is a great option for your profession that atleast offers some scopes to continue in your specific sector. The medical profession opens the path of your career in Italy. Furthermore, if you are able to handle a job which is basically in the public sector, then you can earn a lot more money as a surgeon. 

If you want to proceed with your career in this medical line, then it is better to apply to the most famous hospitals in Italy, like Grande Ospedale Metropolitian Niguarda in Milan. You can also get many healthcare facilities from several hospitals in Italy. 

2. Bank Managers:

Are you looking for a profession in the banking sector? Then you can apply to the banks of Italy. There are many scopes for employment in a bank, and you will be happy after getting to know that pursuing a career as a bank manager is quite profitable.  There are several banks, such as Intesa Sanpaolo or Unicredit, and each bank has numerous vacancies for each designation. 

If you have the intention to keep continuing your jobs in the banking sector and have full dedication, then you can become a bank manager within a few years. Banking Managers earn up to $156000, and it is considered one of the best high-paying jobs in Italy. 

Moreover, if you want to get success in the finance sector like banking or corporate banking sector, then experience must be needed. The more you gain experience as a banker, the more you will be getting promotions. 

3. Professors At University:

In general, you can’t be paid the highest salary for doing jobs as a professor at a university. Here you will get an opportunity to win the awards because it has basically connected with emotions and mental capability. As a university professor, every student of your batch will remember you, and if you get reviews from students as the best professor, then it will increase the scope of getting rewards. 

In Italy, you will get to keep in touch with some sharp-minded students in Europe as well as the guiding and teaching task. After passing out many intelligent iconic students from Italy, it is considered one of the best teaching and research hubs in Europe. 

If you have done with your PG degree or you are at the edge of the last submission of your thesis in your PhD program, then it is great to pursue your career in the teaching line. If you get the position of entry-level for teaching the students, then try to hold it for atleast two years. After that, you will get the designation of a lecturer or a professor at the University of Italy. At entry-level, you will be getting $38,2000 for the initial years. After that, it will increase up to 1 lakh to 1.5 lakh. 

4. Business Director:

A sales executive or business director is a high-profile job in the corporate office. A sales executive has the responsibility to oversee the marketing situation and is able to handle the current situation of marketing. It is one of the most lucrative jobs in Italy and also the best career choice for newcomers in this industry. 

If you have prior experience in the marketing sector, then it will be easy to get a top-notch designation in any business firm.  Actually, top-level marketing executives have experience in Italian culture trade and knowledge. So it is easy for them to handle and get the top post in this sector. 

5. Attorney:

The legal system of Italy is unique and specific. After calculating the matter, it is notified that the most highly paid and respectable job in Italy is Legal practitioner. If you are looking to shift your career to the judicial sector, in this case, you will be getting training and guidance so that it will be easy for you to stand in court and solve the issue of the nation. 

Bottom Line:

Italy is one of the best career pursuing sectors. It is not only famous for its Italian dishes or tourist hub but also the main focused sector for the career. You will be getting many opportunities for pivoting yourself into a bright future, and also each profession has a system for continuing and completing your academic career.

Apart from that, you can also look for the IT industry or Pharmaceuticals. There have some great scopes to do jobs in Real estate investment. You can earn more than 45k per month. 

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