Careers and Directions after a Degree in Law

Getting an LLB degree after the 12th is gaining popularity among students. But if someone looks to find out more about LLB, they encountered a lot of confusion regarding – How a career in law can help make money? What career is the best after law? You can practice law and specialize in India and in abroad. Law provides information to you that you can use to gain respect and make money. After COVID-19, a career in law will flourish a lot given the existing circumstances. With the current state of the economy, health crises, police reforms, and the vulnerability of small enterprises, everything requires expert legal support. So here are the directions you wanted relating to a Law career-

1 Litigation Attorney

You must have completed either a 3-year LLB programme or a 5-year BBA LLB or BA LLB programme if you want to practice law in courts. You will thereafter be qualified to practice law in India. LLB is one of the greatest possibilities for a legal career because of its broad scope in the modern world.

2 Private Practice

Every law graduate is required to complete an internship in order to gain practical experience in the legal field. This usually entails working with a legal organization or shadowing a senior lawyer. The average internship lasts one month. Once the internship is over, it’s crucial to register with the State Bar Council. After passing the Bar Council of India’s examination, obtain your certificate of practice, which will allow you to start your practice.

3 Corporate Counsellor

Such specialists can provide corporate company counseling by joining the organisation, working there full-time, or by starting their own law business and providing corporate company counseling as needed. In terms of the variety of opportunities it offers, this is one of the greatest LLB job paths you may choose. Management-related specialists are needed in every business. You can enroll in a Master in Business Administration program to further your career after earning your law degree. An MBA after LLB (BA LLB/B. Com LLB) would greatly expand your professional options. After the law, fantastic careers are available at corporations.

4 Cyber Law

Computers, networks, and mobile devices make up the core of the cyber realms. If you want to become an expert in the field of cyber law, you can choose from any certification programme, diploma, or degree. Holders of a degree in cyber law can find employment as cyber assistants, cyber assistants, or cyber lawyers. A cyber lawyer’s pay is based on their educational background, geographic region, and work description. Top Cyber Law Certification courses are also available in the Law colleges in Haryana that might pique your interest. Cyberlaw specialists can be hired by Multinational Corporations (MNCs), Corporate Businesses, Government Firms or Public Departments, Law Firms, and Law Enforcement Agencies.

5 Judicial Services

Launch your career toward a prestigious position in your nation’s administrative affairs. If you excel academically and have the time to devote to preparing for competitive exams, you can join the judiciary after completing your LLB programme. After passing the test, you can work as a public prosecutor, district and session judge, or magistrate. The pay for these specialists is determined by government standards.

As different fields will pay lawyers different salary like- a law research scholar makes around 4 LPA and a law professor makes about 5 LPA. The lawyers in other profession and the lawyers with private practice make good money too. The government hires lawyers who have a degree from top Law colleges in Haryana to sort the issues as wellSo you can see that there are a lot of options for people with a law degree and once you complete the course, you can make a great career out of it.   

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