Cheap Gifts: 10 Inexpensive Gift Ideas

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Whilst the amount of money you have to spend on a gift is typically associated with how much someone means to you,  the reality is that everyone likes a bit of cash in their hand for a special occasion.  Whether it be a birthday or Christmas, people usually like gifts altogether but what if you are short on cash? I’m here to tell you that there are plenty of cheap gift options available!

So do not worry about saving up because these under $100 gift ideas will help stretch your dollar so you can give more to those who matter without having to resort to expensive store-bought gifts. If that’s not enough, take a look at for even more gift ideas, including some for those who are celebrating their 100th birthday.

  1. A Makeup Gift Basket   

It might sound funny coming from a guy but to be quite frank, women love makeup and this makes this gift basket an excellent choice for any lady in your life. It also comes with a range of different items so you can go all out and pay close attention to what she wants versus just getting her one product that you think is good enough. With the wide range to choose from and the generous price tag on it, it’s no wonder why people are raving about this gift basket.

  1. Customized Postage Stamps

One nice idea is to give someone personalized postage stamps which are custom made with a photo of them or their name on it. This is an excellent idea if someone has just moved into a new house or if you are involved in any way with the postal service industry.

  1. A New Wallet

It might sound simple but everyone needs one! If you are able to, grab them something designer because they will last much longer than cheap options which usually fall apart after a few months of use. Also make sure that you pay attention to what type of wallet they want because there’s no point buying someone a clutch if they don’t like carrying those around all the time.

  1. Wine Cooler

If you know someone who likes drinking wine, then why not buy them an in-home cooler that they can use to store their wine for whenever they like. With these handy gifts, people can keep their favorite vintage on hand without having to drink it all at once or before it finishes aging.

  1. A Customized Photo Book

This is a great gift idea because you can tailor the size and range of pictures according to how much money you are willing to pay! Furthermore, photo books make for excellent coffee table decoration so even if your book gets lost amidst other items lying around the house, there’s a good chance that people will still see it and ask about it. Apart from this main benefit, photo books also make great personalized gifts for wedding anniversaries.

  1. A Customized Picture Frame

These are great because they can be photo frames, mirrors or even chalk boards so you have the option of choosing whatever style your friend or family member prefers. Furthermore, these make for excellent personalized gifts for weddings and also look wonderful if they are given to children as it encourages them to think of creative ways to use them come decoration time at their house!

  1. Kitchen Knife Set

A nice idea is to give someone a cooking set if they are passionate about cooking in their free time. The bonus with this gift is that it’s both cheap and thoughtful which makes it quite hard to resist! Not only do people love receiving kitchenware but most people absolutely adore getting quality knives as a gift. However, it is important to buy a set which adheres to the standards of safety so that your friend or relative doesn’t have to worry about anything going wrong with their new knives.

  1. Towels

It might sound boring but when it comes to practicality, there’s not much that beats the humble towel! For some reason, girls of all ages absolutely adore receiving towels as a gift and people of both sexes can make use out of them. Towels also make great personalized gifts for weddings because of how classic they are in their design. Furthermore, you can even get your friend or relative a set with monogrammed initials on them if they are into that sort of thing! However, remember that towels are quite big so shipping costs will vary depending on where you live.

  1. A Unique Candle Holder

Candles are a great idea because not only do they make a room look classy but most people love buying these as gifts for others! If you want to give someone a candle holder then there are plenty of unique examples out there including ones shaped like an elephant’s foot and even rocks if that’s what floats your boat. Other than this main benefit, candles also come in different smells so depending on who you’re going with, simply choose the scent which matches their personality best! 

  1. A Unique Memory Stick

These are really cool because they come in so many different shapes and designs that it’s hard to choose just one! For example, you can give your friend or family member a USB with their name on it so people will know who the device belongs to. Furthermore, these are quite cheap meaning that even if you don’t have much money, you can still get someone something nice without having to break the bank. However, remember when buying memory sticks is that some of them don’t have huge storage space so do your research beforehand!

All in all, you can see how useful it is to get creative with your gift-buying so that the person doesn’t just have a thing but rather has something that they truly enjoy. Furthermore, these gifts are all under $20 which means that even if you only have a tiny budget, you’re still able to put together a wonderful present!

Hopefully this list will be enough for you to get some great ideas moving forward and finally figure out what the best personalized gifts for weddings are going to be!


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