Child Social Studies: Rules and Standards

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Considering the social development of the individual, we know that every problem originates in childhood “about our social world, that is, the people, our interaction with them, what other people want from us, different roles in society, society and its functions. About the system of values ​​and beliefs, and many aspects of social life”(Turiel, Enesco and Lines , 1989) .important role in the development and socialization of children.

However, we need to clarify that all these aspects will be determined by the society or culture in which the child develops. They do not think about the values, beliefs, duties or standards of a western society like Spain, or similar aspects about a more traditional society from the rest of the planet. We then understand norms and values ​​as the change of something, influenced, for example, by the development of family customs, or the development of technology (Sutton-Smith and Rosenberg, 1961).

However, how do children learn and apply social norms or rules?

How is knowledge and development done? Are play and 스포츠중계 activities a way to develop knowledge about society’s rules and standards and adapt to the developed culture?

To answer that question, we can start with a big one

 Brunner (1972, 1991) discusses the cultural environment, as men and boys participate in it by achieving and sharing different common meanings through methods of interpretation and negotiation. And one of the ways of socializing and transmitting human culture is play, where the child is taught the rules and conventions of society. In some ways, these ideas are combined and extended to the techniques of Piaget and Vygotsky, since the child is not only a creature that develops intellect by playing or integrating into the world of adults, but becomes an active member.

 And, as Brunner and Amsterdam (2001) explained,

 Every culture has rules. And one is the norm, some are explicit as a rule, and others are not clear, which sometimes requires explanation from some member of the culture. These standards vary as they speak, and many people spend a lot of time translating or correcting them, but often unintentionally, but the development of common sense affects internal rules about on how to communicate, what others want and what each of us wants.  As we grow, we create our personal expectations, becoming aware of our place and role through awareness and through a certain social harmony.


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