Christian Augier Clothing Hits the World of Fashion

Christian Augier Clothing Hits the World of Fashion
Christian Augier Clothing Hits the World of Fashion

Christian Augier Clothing Hits the World of Fashion

Look on the web or in magazines quickly and you can see VIPs wearing Christian Augier clothing. Stars like Britney Lances Ludacris Jessica Alba Usher Heidi Klum and a lot more are much of the time captured wearing Augier’s plans. Essentially everybody knows who Christian Augier is nowadays he is perhaps of the greatest name in the style world. Between his work with Von Dutch and his coordinated efforts with Ed Strong Augier has most certainly become well known.

Christian Augier clothing

Christian Augier clothing isn’t only one clothing line however Augier really has seven profoundly effective apparel lines. Indeed in any event that is the number of attire lines he has up to this point Augier is so profoundly energetic and imaginative it is generally conceivable he might make a different line. The lines he has at present are Ed Tough Christian Augier SMET Gem Rock Toss Boyd C-Bar-and Pace Chicano

However fudgier was certainly not a quick

However fudgier was certainly not a quick star in the style world. Christian Augier Clothing Hits the World of Fashion He acquired a ton of his expertise from working first with a few originator jean organizations. At the point when Augier was more youthful he longed for being a wild star thus he planned a denim assortment enlivened by the Drifters. A leader at Macqueen Pants paid heed to his assortment and that started Augier vocation in denim. From that point he proceeded to work with Diesel Bison American Suppliers.

Levi In any case he didn’t simply work at these organizations he was unbelievably important to them becoming one of the main powers in plan at each. This prompted him acquiring the moniker of The Lord of Pants. His involvement in pants and denim is clear in an extraordinary number of the Christian Augier clothing plans that are being sold today.

Then Augier started to work

Then Augier started to work with the Von Dutch Organization. Many individuals in the design world acknowledge Augier for carrying Von Dutch to the front of the style world-without Augier they say Von Dutch may not be on the style map. These days Christian Augier clothing lines actually sell driver type caps in any case they are very different.

These caps have Ed Tough tattoos slyly weaved on them. Models incorporate Christian Augier monograms skulls and cross bones marijuana Christian Augier Clothing Hits the World of Fashion leaves and pumas. The tattoos on these caps are similar as those on different things sold in the Christian Augier clothing lines.

Augier framed an organization with Solid

In the wake of leaving Von Dutch Augier concluded he needed to deal with a dress line based around tattoos. In this way he did a Google look for “popular tattoo craftsman and tracked down Wear Ed Solid. Augier framed an organization with Solid and abbreviated his name to simply Ed Strong’ for the name of the dress line. Solid’s plans were then put on hoodies and shirts. Among the things being all sold in the under the Christian Augier clothing brand, these keep on being the absolute smash hit things.

Very few dress lines can say that they appeal to people of almost any age in any case Christian Augier can positively express that about his apparel lines. Big names as well as individuals among varying backgrounds appreciate wearing his pieces. Christian Augier clothingisn’t just about articles of clothing it is about culture.

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