Cloud Gaming & Top 4 Android Cloud Emulator Platforms

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In this era when games are becoming more and more popular, people are limited by low configuration devices, which makes game fans very disappointed. Therefore, game developers have turned their attention to cloud games that combine cloud computing and games.

What is Cloud Games?

Cloud game, also known as game on demand, is an online game technology based on cloud computing technology. Cloud game technology enables light end devices with relatively limited graphics processing and data computing capabilities to run high-quality games. In the cloud game scenario, the game does not run in the player’s game terminal, but in the cloud server, which renders the game scenario as a video and audio stream and transmits it to the player’s game terminal through the network.

Players’ game terminals do not need to have strong graphics computing and data processing capabilities, but only need to have basic streaming media playback capabilities and the ability to obtain players’ input instructions and send them to the cloud server.

Factors for Rapid Development of Cloud Game Industry

The data in June 2022 showed that the payment rate of large screen games increased by 57% quarter on quarter and ARPU grew by 100% quarter on quarter. The large screen users’ strong payment ability, together with the excellent game experience of large screen cloud games, will bring huge market space.

The threshold for cloud games to replace traditional games is low, and the income generating points are clear. Especially under the background of 5G enabling, the future development prospects are broad. In the future, the development trend of the industrial chain will be to integrate upstream and downstream businesses and create a full chain industrial layout. In view of the above trends, all participants in the industry chain will give full play to their own advantages and widely integrate the industrial ecology, which will help the cloud game industry to develop continuously and healthily.

With the comprehensive coverage and drive of the new 5G infrastructure, the prospect of large-scale and commercialization of cloud games is becoming clearer, and the overall development of the industry is advancing rapidly. In the past three years, due to the epidemic situation, the online cloud game industry has experienced explosive growth. The growth rate of the number of users in the cloud game industry has remained above 20%. With the holding of many leading e-sports events in the cloud game industry, the number of users in the cloud game industry has further increased rapidly.

Top 4 Android Cloud Emulator Platforms

  • Redfinger Cloud Phone

As the leading player in the cloud gaming sector, Redfinger is available for players to download in Google Play in 2019, sitting at over 1 million downloads with 3.3 stars. Against the backdrop of the fact mentioned above, Redfinger cloud phone comes into existence, enabling gamers to enjoy playing the game that they want. Remote mobile virtualization and virtual mobile infrastructure technologies are implemented in Redfinger Cloud Phone. Redfinger has managed to master the core of virtual ARM, enabling the Redfinger platform to accommodate 100% of the native Android operating system hosted on a virtual machine. With the Redfinger platform, instant access to Redfinger’s virtual Android device is guaranteed. It functions like a physical Android smartphone, with data and applications running on a cloud-based virtual phone rather than a physical phone.

  • LD Cloud

September 6 this year sees the launch of LDCloud application, totaling more than 10 thousand downloads with 2.9 stars in Google Play. Similar to other cloud phone platforms, LD Cloud has the functions of covering local storage space, no data consumption, and no power consumption, allowing you to have another cloud Android phone on your phone. According to the description in Google Play, LD Cloud has a synchronization function, and users can instantly control multiple devices with one click, aiming to improve the work efficiency of game character upgrading and watching live video.

  • LT Cloud Phone

As a new player in cloud gaming industry in 2022, LT Cloud Phone was also released on Google Play on January 24, with over 100,000 downloads and 2.9 stars. LT Cloud Phone is independent of the phone system. Officially, LT Cloud Phone adopts the absolute authority of the server-client mode. By hosting applications remotely, you can avoid data theft or data leakage caused by malware. LT Cloud Phone securely locks down sensitive apps and files, protecting privacy and systems.

  • EClac Cloud Phone

August 17 witnessed the launch of EClac Cloud Phone in Google Play. Ecalc software uses different hardware systems, enabling users to seamlessly adopt on Android and Windows devices. The app has been downloaded more than 500 times so far and has 2.6 stars. Honestly, the platform has not gained all kinds of popularity among mobile gamers. One may still doubt that EClac has a chance to become the industry leader.

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