Commercial Real Estate Advertising Ideas to Boost your Sales

Real Estate is a field that is very challenging and potentially profitable. A study done by the National Association of Realtors states that 88% of buyers recently purchased their homes through a real estate agent or broker.

The same study also states that  73% of buyers interviewed only one real estate agent during their home search, emphasizing the relevance of building awareness and getting in front of buyers as quickly as possible. It’s essential to have a solid and complete knowledge of real estate marketing is a must for anyone in the field.

There are various ideas of commercial real estate marketing ideas. Some of them are listed below:

  • Create a website

Consumers go through the internet to investigate products and services before buying. Create a blogging website for your real estate marketing company; businesses will show prospective clients what you offer. Include listings on your site, and you need to update them regularly; this will keep prospects coming to your site as they search for properties.

  • Build a blog

You should build a blog and create content optimized for SEO. This will ensure your posts are in prospect search results every time. Tools like Google Analytics and Ahrefs can help target clients’ search terms and keywords and will inspire you with fresh ideas

Make it easy for them to navigate your main website and link it to your profile pages on various other real estate sites so that they can learn about you and your business. It would be best if you did not forget to create compelling images for your posts.

  • Develop Email Marketing Campaigns

You should send a monthly newsletter analysis of your blog content and reach out to contacts when new property listings are available. You can insert images of the properties that link to the complete listing, a video walkthrough of the property, or other virtual effects to enhance your website.

  • Employ Virtual Staging

You need to attract buyer interest and give them a sneak peek of what the home looks like by using a virtual staging website. Online staging saves you time and money.

Hire a Real Estate PPC Company to grow your business. It would be best if you had an experienced team for a good Real Estate Marketing Strategy.

  • Try experiential marketing

Experiential marketing engages your prospects and invites an audience to interact with a business in an actual-world situation. Host a tour of the area you are selling in, hold an event to teach area homebuyers how to buy a home,  arrange an open house and invite buyers to view how the place looks.

  • Partner with local businesses

You should use your local connections and partner with home decor showrooms, boutiques, and coffee shops to promote listings and invite them to participate in an open house event. This motivates potential buyers to explore each room, and you can work with local businesses to determine discounts on goods that can be offered to home buyers.

  • Run paid Instagram promotion

Instagram is yet another tool to connect with home buyers, promote your listings, and grow your mind. Even your most beautiful images can reach even more people with a paid promotion.

Instagram ads permit you to pick a target audience, budget, and post type (image, video). And the duration of your promotion. You can use given hashtags to ensure posts are presented to the people you had like to reach.

  •  Use drone photography

Drone photography is done for taking sweeping shots of the home’s exterior and surrounding landscape. Buy a drone or use a drone service, like Sold by Air or HouseLens, to capture perfect images.

  • Ask for referrals

It is estimated that 41% of sellers using a real estate agent found an agent through a referral from friends and family. It would be best if you asked for referrals. You should follow up with buyers after few months after they have settled into their new home to ask how they are doing, and you should also include a referral request in your email. This is how a real estate marketing platform works.

  • Make your videos

Video can be a powerful tool for Real- estate marketing advertising ideas and is not as costly as people think. At the same time, you go for a highly produced video comprising client testimonials or use video software to record a message from your laptop informing about your services to potential clients. Video is a way to be different from the crowd.

  • Co-host a webinar

To make it easy for potential buyers or sellers of your area to understand the pros and cons of the current market, you need to partner with a local lender or title company; it can be your favorite staging service also, and host a webinar on a topic that will interest people who are thinking of making a real estate move.

  • Collect and Display testimonials

Your previous satisfied clients are an excellent resource for bolstering your credibility and building trust through your real estate marketing. If a sale goes well, your customer will review with a long paragraph about how helpful you were.

  • Leveraging Traditional Advertising Media

As the real estate marketing platform has not been untouched by the rising tide of digital transformation, some old-schooled marketing tactics can still play an effective real-estate marketing strategy.

You can use native ads techniques by adding images featuring people and using your    logo and video. Popunder Ads can also be used as popups come as a surprise but are no wonder effective in grabbing customers’ attention, especially new customers.

  • Optimizing your website for mobile

This is considered the most crucial point for any business people who maintain websites, and real estate agents are no exception. You want your web experience to be smooth and as effortless as possible. Prospects must not deal with an unorganized desktop condensed into a phone screen when they want to learn about your business.

  • Actively leveraged social media platforms

Maintaining an active and engaging social media platform is one of the better ways to depict yourself as a trusted advisor for prospects. It generates interest and connects with potential clients.

Banners Ads are the creative rectangular ad shown along the top, side, or bottom of a website in hopes that it will drive traffic to the advertiser’s proprietary site, generate awareness, and overall brand consideration. This type of visual banner-style online advertising is a form of display advertising.

Join local Facebook groups, answer relevant questions that arise on them, and take a similar stand on other platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You can also share helpful and live content with your followers. Prospective clients eagerly want to connect with real estate agents who understand the practice, their niche, and their areas, as they show that you grasp all the aspects of those with your social media presence.

  • Maintain an email newsletter

A way to keep yourself at the top of potential clients’ minds is by staying in active touch through a newsletter. Send them relevant content, report them on local real estate news, and update them on listings in their area. It doesn’t have to be difficult, just enough to keep them thinking of you by letting them know you are following trends in your local market.

  • Create a stand-out business card

Printing solid, visually appealing business cards is one of the best ways for real estate marketing companies to get professionals to get their brands out to depict their professionalism. Business cards are easily distributable and can help you capitalize on personal interactions with potential clients.

  • Film video walkthroughs

Modern consumers are receptive to immersive experiences, especially when getting to know homes they might buy. If you are selling or leasing properties, conducting thorough video tours and posting those clips with your listings can add credibility to your real Estate, even if it will be the best real estate ad.

  • Invest in branded swag

People love free stuff, from keychains to mugs to pens to other goodies. So, if you can provide goodie like that, you should take it. It’s an excellent way to get your brand out and keep your services top when attracting and retaining potential clients.

Real Estate Marketing Company case a new vision for or real estate business. It helps to    identify your target customer and set goals for overall marketing initiatives, and to summarize strategies to accomplish these goals. 

Morgan Shell

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