Complete Guide to Your First Pregnancy Ultrasound

This article will encompass everything that you need to comprehend about your first ultrasound.

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Although most women might have had an ultrasound previously in their life, with pregnancy the trepidation is different. The sentiment of watching the first glimpse of your baby on screen leaves you both anxious and excited. First USG in pregnancy can be extremely confusing, especially for young mothers. Multiple questions bother them, like is the baby going to get affected by the radiation? Will it hurt? What are the preparations that one should do before going to a sonographer? This article will encompass everything that you need to comprehend about your first ultrasound.

Some common myths you need to get rid of before your first USG in pregnancy:-

  • Ultrasound and sonogram are not the same things – Even though the names are different, the two processes are the same.
  • It is done only to see the images of your baby –This is partially incorrect. One should not avoid ultrasound because of this reason. It helps in diagnosing early issues associated with reproductive organs.
  • Harmful radiation emitted can harm the baby – This is not true. No ionizing radiation exposure is observed in this process. Professionals who do ultrasounds in Gurgaon take much care of the baby and the mother. The entire process is completely safe for pregnant women.
  • It is a must to have a full bladder before getting an ultrasound – A full bladder is required only for imaging that is done within a period of the first 12 weeks.
  • One shouldn’t eat before the procedure – This myth doesn’t even have any base when it comes to pregnant women. Make sure you have your meal time without worrying about the scheduled imaging.

Types of Ultrasound

  • Transvaginal Ultrasound – This ultrasound is performed at the early stage of pregnancy. A baton-shaped instrument is inserted in the vaginal space to get a defined view of the embryo. The sonographer may try to reach a little deeper via the cervix. This movement of the instrument inside the patient’s body can cause a bit of uneasiness.
  • Transabdominal Ultrasound – In this method a device that releases electric signals over the abdominal region is used. It generates a clear image of the fetus. Normally this ultrasound is recommended after 10-12 weeks of pregnancy.

Best Time To Get Your First Ultrasound

The period for getting your first ultrasound depends on some major factors. For instance, the medical history you possess, according to the preference of your doctor, your age, etc. 

6 to 8 weeks 

During this time the provider may go for the Transvaginal Method as the size of the embryo is smaller and only this invasive method can get a clear picture for better observation.

10 to 12 weeks

This time the ultrasound is performed to observe the growth of the baby. The observer marks the length of the baby from head to toe which helps in calculating the expected delivery date of the child. At this stage, you may be advised to go for a Nuchal Translucency that determines if your child is not going to suffer from any chromosomal disorders or not.  

18 to 20 Weeks 

It is in every case that an ultrasound between 18 to 20 weeks is the first one. It’s commonly known as the anatomy scan where the physical characteristics and potential disorders are detected. 


Sonography helps in dealing with the anticipation about the baby’s look. It also helps in analysing the reproductive health of the mother and the overall development of the baby. As much as the first imaging can be stressful for the mother, it equally brings joy. Ultrasound in Gurgaon has trained professionals who understand the emotion behind seeing the images of one’s baby for the first time. This entire process is simple and has nothing to worry about. If you’re a mother, worry not about the procedure and just relish watching your baby on the monitor!  

Arpita Gupta

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