Content Marketing And E-Commerce: 10 Important Points

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Content marketing and e-commerce have been a trend in recent times. A very effective trend for e-commerce is content marketing. Proper planning to increase network traffic is vital to your success. After gaining more followers and leads, sales can increase.

What is content marketing?

It is a marketing technique-oriented to the planning, creation, and distribution of content for consumers. Keep in mind that such information should NOT be advertising or commercial. It must be relevant and valuable in order to:

  • Attract the target audience.
  • Loyalty customers.
  • Optimize sales.
  • Generate leads and
  • Strengthen the brand.

If you want to deepen, we suggest you enter the following text where you can see the meaning, examples, and definitions of content marketing.

Instead of promoting products or services, valuable and relevant information is delivered. This produces an approach of the brand to the consumer based on relevant and valuable content. This content can live or be distributed in some media such as social networks, articles, blog postings, videos, and infographics, among others.

What are the advantages of content marketing and e-commerce?

Companies may be skeptical about long-term benefits. It is a means to educate and inform your audience. It is added to the generation of traffic through searches, which will result in a boost to your e-commerce. Instead of promoting products or services, content that solves needs is provided. This boosts brand loyalty.

This is why we want to show you the 10 important points of content marketing and electronic commerce.

1-Greater brand visibility: Key in content marketing and e-commerce

Many e-commerce strives to be seen by customers online. Although this does not happen overnight, it is an important goal to keep in mind for any company.

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An example of this is Pet Sitters Ireland, whose business started in a traditional way for pet sitting. In the first year, they attracted only 40 clients. What led them to leave behind traditional marketing to undertake content marketing. After opening a blog, creating articles, and answering questions from their customers, they managed to get more than 10,000 visitors to your website and a website with more than 30,000 fans.

So the content allowed for greater visibility, leading to a 450% increase in revenue.

2-Increased SEO Visibility (Search Engine Optimization)

This implies that in content marketing, the searches made by potential customers around e-commerce sites are not exactly about products but about solutions to their needs.

Ex: 5 Tips to buy a refrigerator. Having quality pages will lead to more occasions for the brand to be found in search engines. This will make your brand more visible on the web without the need for expensive traditional marketing events. Therefore, many companies have increased this parameter thanks to diverse content.

Cleveland Clinic has an active post channel, an active channel on Facebook live and social networks. According to Searchmetrics results, since 2014, SEO visibility has doubled.

3-Decrease in advertising costs

Content marketing is incredibly profitable. The first few months of applying a strategy may not produce many results. Once this strategy is applied, access is through free online channels, especially from SEO. This will not bring additional costs and will help you to shoot traffic to your website.

According to Gartner, many companies are ditching traditional advertising in favor of content. Approximately 28% of marketers say they have reduced their digital advertising budgets to produce more content.

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Postedin reveals to us the fact that Netflix has opted for the generation of its own content. Through the production of series and movies according to what is required by your audience. This has generated that its cost for advertising will be barely 10% of its total income. Consequently, their income has increased, and new subscribers have been added.

4-Improving interaction with customers

Being able to interact with customers allows a closer approach to their needs, requirements, and doubts. The fact that the client feels close to a company will give him more security. Go Pro innovates in what they present and encourages their clients to generate their own content. This has been positive as word spreads to other consumers, which logically increases their sales.

5-Increase in sales: The wonder of content marketing and electronic commerce

One of the goals of content marketing and e-commerce is to inform, help, and add value to your readers. This generates greater confidence in the potential customer for an effective purchase.

Lenovo executed a content strategy to inform them in detail so they could make a purchasing decision. The results showed $300 million of sales before said action. They added new web users.

6-Increase in network traffic

This aspect represents an important goal when executing a content marketing strategy on an e-commerce platform. Through good positioning, your web portal will have more visitors. In this case, we show you the example of Salesforce, a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) technology and applications company.

This company set out to change its content marketing strategy by entertaining and engaging its users. All this is by creating videos and digital presentations, among others.

Its success translated into an 80% increase in web traffic—more than 10,000 downloads of your electronic material and a 2,500% increase in traffic on social networks.

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7-Increase in leads and higher conversion rate

It is significant due to the aspiration of companies to convert visitors into leads or potential customers. A successful case is the Columbia Institute. Through its valuable content, the information guided users toward a vocational decision. According to the data provided, a conversion rate of 27% was achieved with just one ebook. It is also generating a large number of leads.

8-Greater engagement towards the brand: One of the important attributes of content marketing and electronic commerce

It represents the degree of commitment of the followers towards a certain brand. This fact is exemplified by Starbucks, which uses networks to connect with its consumers. One of the achievements is that after 77 updates on Instagram, it reached an average of 270,000 engagements. The keys to its success lie in content according to the calendar, and correct use of hashtags, among others.

9- Allows presenting of more creative content to the user

There are endless tools on the web to generate creative content. One of these companies that make use of it is Belden, which carried out a social experiment.

10-Increased Return on Investment (ROI)

A 2018 study by HubSpot found that 52% of companies get a high ROI. So when applying content marketing, this indicator is very favorable for the business. If you want to go deeper, we invite you to read this article on the ROI of content marketing.

Finally, greater benefits can be found. Evaluate and start investing in your content marketing and e-commerce strategy as soon as possible. We hope this information has been useful.

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