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Secrets are not necessarily conspiratorial in nature. Some simple things are secrets just because they are left alone, untouched, where no one tries uncovering them. 

Content marketing secrets are of a similar ilk. They are not conspiratorial in nature, often unknown and hiding in plain sight. The reason behind content marketing secrets not being uncovered is the general process it takes for someone to discover something unique about an industry.

It is mostly experienced digital marketing professionals who find unique aspects of content marketing. After years of time toiling in the industry, the experienced content marketing professionals are best-placed to understand the inner workings of the industry in question. 

In this article, we will discuss some content marketing secrets freshers and students of the subject may not be familiar with yet. 

Content as an Answer

The question of content has been prevalent for as long as it has been in demand. Creators spend hours thinking about what type of content would succeed with readers. In content marketing, the debate over the purpose of content has been going on for a long time. 

A simple answer to this debate is this – any content created should be an answer. 

The answer could be to any question. It doesn’t necessarily have to be difficult. For instance, someone writing for the banking niche can create content on ‘How to open a bank account?’

The topic is simple, probably the simplest of the entire niche, and it answers a fundamental question about the industry. Going with the same pattern, any piece of content written or created on video should be trying to answer some question a certain segment of the audience needs answers to.

Creating Reader Personas

E-commerce and digital marketers are generally well versed and practiced in the concept and practise of using buyer personas. 

For the uninitiated, buyer personas refer to attribute models of the kind of people a brand is targeted. In the context of content marketing, professionals can create what can be called reader personas. Reader personas represent a set of attributes of every type of person who might be interested in reading certain content. 

Take the previous example of creating content on the opening of a bank account. Professionals realize that someone who is looking for such a topic probably has no knowledge about banking. So the language of the content should be very easy and simple to understand. As the content created gets narrower and more complex, the attributes of reader personas become further classified. 

Power of Infographics

Though infographics are not exactly an obvious choice for being called a content marketing secret, their influence often goes under the radar. 

Infographics wield so much influence for one simple reason. They convey a lot of information through interactive graphical tools in a short form. When writing about topics which are a bit heavy on the technical side, infographics can be of great help. They are also useful because they can be easily shared like images, bearing the watermark of the website or brand in question.

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