Coping with issues children bring to the marriage

Coping with issues children bring to the marriage
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The choice to have children is entirely the couple’s prerogative, but one thing is for sure; having children alters your relationship. While sure, children add a lot of joy to your marriage, they also pave way for a lot of conflicts.

Having children can put a strain on the marriage and may even lead to cracks that then require couple therapy in Dubai as well. Luckily, there are ways that you can cope with the issues that having children bring to the family.

Coping with issues children bring to the marriage

Dealing with disgruntlement over domestic chores

When you have children, there are more domestic chores as well; dinner, laundry, cleaning, everything becomes more complicated. And it then gets harder for the couple to maintain a healthy balance, especially when both are working.

To cope with this issue, try to get organized. Make a list of chores to be done for the entire week to be distributed equally among the family members.

Differences in parenting styles

Another source of conflict is differences in by parenting styles. They have implications for the relationships parents have with their children and with each other.

To avoid the differences brought on parenting styles, you need to resolve these disparities in your style. Overall, be on the same page so the child is not confused. If you think your partner leaves you with a mess by being the nicer parent, make them deal with the consequences of their actions. Have an important discussion about where your method differs and try to find a compromise between them.

Lack of romance

Children can seriously cramp the romantic aspect of marriage; babies leave no time, toddlers leave no privacy, and older children leave no headspace or inclination.

However, you must take a stance for your marriage. Be available for romantic getaways. Try to include your partner in your hobbies, so you find more activities that you enjoy together. Date nights are helpful. And whenever possible, seek help from your families so you have more space and time available for each other.

Mental and emotional health challenges

Parenting takes a toll on the mental and emotional health of the parents, and then leaves a mark on the relationship as well. Alongside heightening anxiety levels, parenting can also cause more stress in life.

To counter such negative impacts, actively work on improving your mental health by doing activities like yoga, meditation, mindfulness, etc.


Children can lead to greater conflicts within the relationship. They bring more stress to the partnership, whether it be about the finances or the parenting styles.

While you should talk your problems out, at times, confrontation can lead to greater issues. In such situations, couple counselling in Dubai can be of help; an expert can offer a better perspective and support, which is beneficial for the relationship. To find an expert counselor, you can consult Fitcy Health, and choose from its more than 200 experts who are available at competitive rates.

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