Copy Trading – Why is it Recommended For New Traders?

Copy trading is an increasingly popular method of trading on the financial markets, and it has become especially attractive to new traders due to its simplicity and low risk. In this article, we look at the reasons why copy trade method is recommended for new traders, including its low cost entry, convenience and portfolio diversification opportunities.

What Is Copy Trading?

Copy trading is a process where a trader copies (or ‘mirrors’) the trades of another professional trader on their own platform. This means that when the copied trader places a trade, all of their followers also place that trade in real time on their own accounts. It’s an automated way of executing trades, with no manual input required from the follower. The follower must choose which other traders they want to follow based on factors such as past performance and success rates. The advantages of using copy trading are numerous – for example, it eliminates the need for individual research by simply copying successful investors; similarly it increases exposure to different types of assets without needing to understand complex markets and can act as part of a diversified portfolio. Furthermore, copy trading allows novice traders to benefit from experienced professionals who have already navigated through tough market conditions.

Benefits Of Copy Trading For New Traders

One of the key benefits of copy trading is that it provides a low-cost entry point into the world markets – meaning that those with limited knowledge or capital don’t have to risk large amounts when starting out investing in stocks or Forex trades. Because these investors are only copying established investors (rather than making any decisions themselves), losses are limited – which gives them valuable time to develop their knowledge base before taking on more risky investments such as options or derivatives contracts. Another advantage for newcomers is that copy trading provides great convenience – as you don’t need to spend hours researching stocks or currencies; all you need to do is select someone else who you trust enough to make good investment decisions for you and then just let them do all the work copy trading platform! Additionally, if your chosen investor doesn’t perform as expected you can quickly switch over to another one at any time without penalty or loss (as long as you switch back within 24 hours).

Lastly, because copy trading follows multiple portfolios and strategies instead of just one person’s ideas, your own portfolio becomes better diversified – meaning that even if some positions don’t turn out well there will be other investments which should soften potential losses elsewhere in your portfolio.

Disadvantages Of Copy Trading For New Traders

As with anything related to money management there are risks associated with copy trading too – such as selecting bad investors whose portfolios may not be performing well overall; additionally fees charged by brokers or platforms can add up quickly when operating multiple accounts across different providers. Similarly there’s less control over risk management compared with creating trades separately – so while it might seem like a safe option at first glance inexperienced investors may still find themselves exposed beyond comfortable levels if things go wrong suddenly with no warning signs beforehand.. Lastly newer traders may not understand how costs and fees work along with how each platform works so comparing different ones could take up valuable time unneeded – something beginner investors may not have in abundance often times!


In conclusion, copy trading provides great advantages for newer traders entering financial markets by providing cost-efficient access into asset classes without significant risk exposure; similarly its automated nature offers ease-of-use and convenience while diversifying portfolios across multiple strategies helps minimize losses should one position turn sour unexpectedly. Despite some downsides such as additional fees incurred by brokers/platforms mentioned earlier on we believe this type-of-trading warrants consideration from beginners looking into investing long term due to lack of necessary resources alone would keep many out otherwise!


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