5 Types of Cosmetic Packaging Boxes


A cosmetic packaging box provides protection and insulation for cosmetics and fragrances. These boxes are designed to ensure the safe storage and transportation of products. The boxes may have some color or design printed on them depending upon the type of product being stored. The use of these boxes helps keep the contents fresh and safe from contamination. A cosmetic packaging box is divided into three basic parts; top cover, middle tray, and bottom base or bottom section. The top cover fits securely over the tray and is usually fixed onto it using screws or adhesives. The material of construction is generally plastic, paper, cardboard, or glass. Plastic covers are preferred due to their durability, ease of handling, and low cost. You should also read about the 5 Major Benefits Of Using Cosmetic Packaging Boxes.

Here is the list of 5 Types of Cosmetic Packaging Boxes

1. Polystyrene

Polystyrene (PS) is manufactured using styrene monomer derived from petroleum. It is a thermoplastic polymer and is widely used for food packaging, plastic cups, plates, bowls, and trays. It is highly resistant to temperature changes and chemicals. PS is inexpensive, non-toxic, recyclable, and biodegradable. It does not affect the taste of food. You should avoid using polystyrene containers to store cosmetics since they may release harmful substances into the skin if broken. Avoid putting any food item in polystyrene containers.

2. Glass

Glass is a silica-based material produced by melting sand and limestone at high temperatures. It is clear and transparent and comes in a variety of colors. Due to its chemical composition and structure, glass is chemically inert and stable. It is the best material to use for the storage of cosmetics and pharmaceutical products. It does not cause irritation to the eyes even after contact with water. However, avoid leaving cosmetics lying around on countertops where children can easily reach them. Glass containers are fragile and need proper handling. Do not leave them exposed to extreme temperatures or direct sunlight for extended periods of time. Additionally, do not use glass containers for storing acidic foods. These conditions may create undesirable reactions in the contents.

3. Paperboard

Paperboard is generally composed of paper pulp mixed with starch and sizing agent. It is lightweight and flexible and also strong enough to resist moisture. It is a cheap alternative to plastics and cardboard and is made from natural fibers. It is commonly used in manufacturing disposable cutlery packages because of its ease of use, low cost, and availability. Most paperboard boxes are designed to last approximately three years before needing replacement. A note about plastics: Plastics are synthetic materials made out of petrochemicals and aren’t completely safe to use when it comes to cosmetic safety. Also, avoid purchasing packaging made of plastics that have been recycled more than once.

4. Metal

Metal is a general term that includes a wide range of elements like aluminum, steel, copper, zinc, tin, gold, silver, nickel, titanium, etc. Metals are generally heavy and rigid, but they are sometimes chosen over plastic due to their durability and stability. They also provide a unique look to product displays. While metals are great for packaging certain types of goods, they can pose risks for cosmetics and medicines. Many metal parts inside electronic devices may become hot while working and could burn your delicate items. If you choose to pack your cosmetics in metal jars, make sure to keep them away from household appliances and heating surfaces.

5. Plastic

Plastics are synthetic and manmade materials that are created using petrochemicals. There are many different kinds of plastics including polypropylene, polyethylene, PVC, and PETG. They offer a number of advantages including being durable, long-lasting, and cheaper than some of the other materials. They are also lightweight, versatile, and eco-friendly.

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